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Dinara Safina left in a quarterfinal Rolan Garros

In the Open championship of France there is passed exactly half of way. Fights for an exit in 1/ 4 endings have begun. The first Russian Dinara Safina to whom Aravan Rezai - 57 - I in a world rating yesterday resisted has made the way there.

between Dinara and the Frenchwoman it was possible to name the Duel game in one collar though, of course, Aravan resisted as could, trying to impose to the Russian the tennis. But as regards offensive powerful game Dinara can give odds to everybody now. As a result of Safin has won the competitor - 6:1, 6:0.

After a match, estimating the game, Dinara has declared to the correspondent: Played that degree of force, which was sufficient to win. No more that. Though in the beginning of the first set there were moments when Rezai tried to attack. But I have quickly reconstructed game, and all has returned into place. It was necessary to establish domination, and it was possible. That is I played with a stock and gave myself in it the report .

: Probably, therefore so easy kept on court?

Dinara Safina: I so much this year have played matches that I know almost at level of reflexes what to do with each ball where and with what force it to direct. I will confess, the got confidence is my big achievement, the big capital.

RG: Ahead of Ana Ivanovich or Victoria Azarenko?

Safin: They are fine tennis-players. Both in the excellent form. Last time I, by the way, have lost to both. So I will try to take a revenge.

RG: There was time when you named sister Marata ...

Safin: It always awfully irritated me. It would be desirable to become simple Dinara Safina. Now it, at last, was possible to me.

Svetlana Kuznetsova the day before is less than in an hour has understood the third circle with Hungarian Melindoj Zinc (6:1, 6:3). So, by a recognition of Svety, and she now is in the fine form and feels remarkably . Explains it to that could reach internal harmony .

In 1/ 8 Kuznetsova will play with Pole Agneshkoj Radvansky which already met seven times and won four times. Alas, other picture has developed in Elena Dementevoj`s duel with Australian Samantoj Stosur. Having given Stosur the first set, Lena has hardly overcome it in the second, and last has given practically without struggle. As a result loss (3:6, 6:4, 1:6).