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Last passenger " has died; Titanic

Last passenger Titanic sunk 97 years ago in northern Atlantic, Millvina of Dynes has died on 98 - m to year of life on Sunday in one of houses for aged of an English county Hampshire, the telebroadcasting corporation of the Air Forces has informed referring to friends of the died.

Throughout last several years of life of Dynes experienced financial difficulties and could not pay every month the stay in a house for aged at a rate of 3 thousand pounds sterling.

For the permission of this problem of Millvina has been compelled even to sell the memorable things connected with accident.
in April of this year at auction in Great Britain the collection of things of the Dynes the linen bag with the lock and leather furnish in which the family of Dynes in 1912 has transported the things from New York back to Great Britain after rescue from the perishing ship became which main prize has been sold.

the Bag has been sold for 1,5 thousand pounds sterling to the young inhabitant of London who has there and then returned to its proprietress.
in Millviny of Dynes created by friends the fund of the help to the elderly woman was brought by donations and founders of a film Titanic - director James Cameron and actors Kate Uinslet and Leonardo di Caprio.

the Most young passenger on flight, Milivina of Dynes was only the two-month child when on the night of April, 15th, 1912 in northern Atlantic the transatlantic passenger liner " has sunk; Titanic after collision with an iceberg. It was possible to escape 706 of 2 thousand 233 thousand the persons who were onboard a vessel.

RIA Novosti news agency