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Whether the former commander of the Japanese Air Forces suggests Tokyo to get the nuclear weapon

At a meeting coming on June, 16th in Washington Barack Obama and its South Korean colleague the president Maine the Tank will sign the document on protection of South Korea by means of the American nuclear weapon.

However, it is not clear yet, in what form this obligation will be fixed. That such document will appear, have informed anonymous sources in Seoul. The American nuclear umbrella is opened for a long time over South Korea, but, to speak about it publicly, moreover top-level, such before was not.

At the regional meeting which has come to the end in Singapore on safety issues the Minister of Defence of the USA Robert Gates insisted on importance of diplomatic efforts as soon as possible to return the North Korea for a table of six-sided negotiations (except it in them participate Russia, the USA, China, Japan and South Korea). But if diplomats do not have success the USA are ready to develop against the North Korea system of the ABM with a set of active elements.

By the way, at the Singapore meeting hyperactivity of manufacturers of arms, including " has been noted; the Boeing - one of the main contractors of the Pentagon. On an insisting of the disturbed Japan the USA have sent on the base on Okinawa 12 fighters F - 22, capable to reach the Korean peninsula less than for 30 minutes.

Japan insists on acceptance by the UN Security Council of the most rigid resolution concerning the North Korea and prepares for defence. In March, that is before last nuclear test and rocket start-up, the Minister of Defence of Japan Jasukadzu Hamada has given the order to force down any rockets which have appeared over territory of the country. Now all are more audible a voice of those who calls into question expediency konstitutsionno the issued refusal of offensive arms and even the denuclearized status of Japan.

the Deputy from correcting Liberally - democratic party of Japan (LDPJA) Gen Nakatani has declared that Tokyo should be capable to put preventive attacks as the North Korea represents serious and real threat . Speech, in particular, can go about equipment of the ships of Naval Forces by cruise missiles. Nakatani, heading committee LDPJA on safety issues, considers expedient to include position about preventive attacks in New directions of a defensive policy of Japan which are supposed to be confirmed at official level till the end of the year.

By the way, such prospect, seemingly, does not guard the American allies of Japan. Agencies quote published in the newspaper Asahi interview of the Assistant Secretary of defence of the USA on affairs Asian - Wallace Gregsona`s Pacific region. The former general and the veteran of the American grouping on Okinawa has declared: If Japan makes such decision, the USA, naturally, will support in its all possible ways .

And too it is time to refuse the denuclearized status of Japan, the former commander of the Japanese Air Forces of Tosio Tamogami considers. He is assured: the North Korea will not calm down, yet will not create the rocket with the nuclear warheads, capable to reach the USA. Threat accrues, and Japan should receive the nuclear weapon .

It is echoed by Singo Nasimuro which were zamglavy the Minister of Defence who believes that own nuclear weapon only would transform Japan from the abnormal country in normal . On its belief, defensive strategy of Japan should be under construction without calculation on the American nuclear umbrella .

Tamogami has lost the post in October of last year after has published an essay in which has declared that China has provoked retraction of Japan in the Second World War. Since then it becomes more and more popular and states the nuclear ideas in the book which has become by the best seller, lectures, interview and regular TV programs.


Tamogami has created to itself support group, some kind of mini - party, and is going to go to the big-times politics world. Observers notice that its nuclear ambitions reflect opinion of minority. But it any more a taboo as during former times, and it at all is not considered something outstanding.