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Onboard the gone French air bus there could be a Russian

Terrible tragedy flight number 447 which has come to the end the French company " carried out; Ayr France on a route of Rio - de - Zhanejro - Paris. The air bus And - 330 - 200 has suffered accident over Atlantic ocean. On its board there were 228 persons, including 12 crewmen.

it in second half of day was officially declared yesterday by the general director Ayr France Pierre - Anri Gurzhon.

from the very beginning the French authorities rejected the version about possible act of terrorism aboard. we now do not have doubts that is a question of an air crash - has underlined Gurzhon. According to the general director, last contact to plane has been registered by the Brazilian dispatchers in 3. 30 on the Parisian time. Approximately in half an hour the air liner has got to a zone of strong turbulence and storm front. In 15 minutes from the onboard systems working in an automatic mode, signals about malfunctions in a number of devices and plane units have arrived.

From this we have drawn a conclusion that systems are faulty and do not function in a normal mode - Pierre - Anri Gurzhon has noted.

he has added that after that emergency procedures have been used, corresponding services on either side of Atlantic are connected.

According to Gurzhona, the Brazilian authorities were organised by search missions, but their problem rather difficult, for the prospective zone of disappearance of the device is far from a coastal line . Three ships of the Navy of Brazil have gone To area of a prospective crash of airplane. They will join three planes and commands of rescuers of the Brazilian Air Forces, already participating in operation.

France has addressed to the Pentagon with the request to assist in search of the plane. It is a question of the information from the American companions of supervision which could fix a place of falling of the liner. While area where there passes a rescue operation, and the French authorities yet do not lose hope to find survived in an air crash, is extremely wide. From archipelago to Fernando - di - Noronja located in 350 kilometres from coast of Brazil, to islands Kabo - Verde which are in 500 kilometres to the west of coast of Senegal.

On one of versions the lightning which has got to the liner became a cause of accident.

At the Parisian airport Charles de Gaulle is organised the crisis centre. Besides it the structure which is engaged in reception of relatives of passengers of the gone plane is created. In process of arrival to the place of them at once direct to a special premise where far from inquiries of their reporters doctors, psychologists and other specially trained medical personnel wait.

Last night Charles de Gaulle has visited the airport the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy who has urged to mobilise all efforts as soon as possible to find out the Air bus . When number was imposed, it became known: the company Ayr France has officially presented condolences to relatives of passengers of flight 447.

According to not confirmed data, onboard an air bus there could be one Russian. At the same time in consulate general of Russia in Rio - de - Zhanejro assert that the police only checks lists of passengers of flight and the official information on their citizenship till now is not present. It is known that among passengers there were no the Russian diplomats working in Brazil.

At the same time as the managing director of the French airline at the international airport Rio - de - Zhanejro has informed, it is already established that onboard the liner there were citizens of France, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, China and Russia. However the majority of passengers - 80 persons - were Brazilians. Official lists with names of passengers and crewmen of the gone liner will be published after the airline will contact relatives of the people who have bought tickets for that ill-starred flight.

In Ayr France assert that the error of the pilot could not become a cause of accident. Plane the skilled crew which commander had more than 11 thousand hours of the flight experience operated. The car has arrived in the airline order in 2005 and has passed last operational survey in April, 2009.

the Russian expert test pilot Magomed Tolboev considers that after deenergizing of electronic system of piloting of chances to rescue the plane at crew was not. Present accident over Atlantic can become the largest for all history of existence Ayr France . The previous large wreck of flight of the company has occurred in 2000. Then belonging Ayr France the plane the Concorde has lighted up at launch from airport Ruassi Charles de Gaulle. That tragedy has carried away lives of 113 persons.