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The agriculture passes crisis with plus: in branch manufacture growth

the Ministry of Agriculture is noted has prepared the National report on results of realisation gos programs of development of agrarian and industrial complex in 2008. In Russia the document of such scale has appeared for the first time. According to plan already on June, 11th the head of agrarian department Elena Skrynnik will present it at government session.

It is a question of the serious sums. Last year on agriculture support it has been directed 138 mlrd roubles. This year the figure has grown to 183 mlrd roubles. That is more than in one and a half time in comparison with the initial plan. Therefore now all attention of the agrarian authorities is concentrated on the National report.

the Document consists of three parts: in the first are summed up last year, in the second - the forecast of development of agrarian sphere for current year is given, in the third - offers minselhoza on updatings of the state program taking into account crisis contain. So all sharpest agrarian themes in the National report are reflected by definition.

One of base indicators of performance of the state program - the index of production of agriculture - last year has grown for 110,8 percent that for 7 percent above, than was planned. One more base indicator - an index of physical volume of investments into fixed capital - has appeared below a planned target for 19,7 percent. Experts explain it crisis. By the way, its agriculture as a whole passes while with plus. Following the results of the first quarter it is unique branch where have achieved manufacture growth. And though Elena Skrynnik named it small but 2,5 percent upwards at present - serious achievement. For three months in the country it is made on 113 thousand tons more meat, than for the same period of 2008. Milk manufacture too has grown, but only at the enterprises and at farmers. And here in personal part-time farms it was reduced. As a result while it in the country any more did not become.

Among the main reasons of dairy problems experts name low, from the point of view of landowners, procurement prices of crude milk. They are forced down by deliveries from Belarus. From six millions tons of milk which are made by this country, four in the form of various products arrive on the Russian market. And Elena Skrynnik has declared to journalists that the Belarus ministerial council has made the special decision, which allows brotherly landowners to sell to us the dairy products below cost to win the market. As a result, according to our minister, Byelorussians sell the goods on 30 - 50 percent more cheaply, than the Russian manufacturers presume to themselves. Also import to us of percent on 30 more milk, than promised in look-ahead balances. Their Elena Skrynnik offers perepodpisat to brake a stream of a cheap powder on our market.

Besides, Elena Skrynnik supposes that direct grants for manufacture of 1 kg of crude milk can be entered. Also promised to return to this question. And here the state intervention purchases in the dried milk market, about which else spoke one year ago as about an effective remedy of support of the cattle-breeding enterprises in the summer, in the big milk, in the Minister of Agriculture if cause enthusiasm, rather constrained. Elena Skrynnik has declared that minselhoz it is ready to carry out interventions in the market of dried milk in a number of regions but provided that the authorities of subjects of Federation guarantee its realisation before the storage expiry of the term. And it at a white powder makes only eight months.

Care at creation of food funds, obviously, was installed by experience of grain interventions. Elena Skrynnik has informed that in intervention fund has been bought 9,6 million tons of grain on 46 billion roubles. As a result in the Central federal district elevatory are now filled by grain, and it is not enough place for storage of a new crop. All of us will make to consult and with interventions on purchase of grain of a new crop - promised the minister. In general Elena Skrynnik considers that is necessary carefully to study our requirements for grain, requirement of exporters, to concentrate on quality of grain . Probably, proceeding from it the head of agrarian department gives rather conservative forecast of a grain yield this year - 90 million tons (experts name 97 - 98 million tons is more often). Quite probably that next year such disorder in figures in forecasts any more will not be. Elena Skrynnik has told to journalists that till the end of the year in minselhoze intend to master a technique of long-term forecasting of branch.

In the same terms there should be the major for agriculture laws. In - the first, Elena Skrynnik has told that round the bill on trade between minselhozom and minpromtorgom on - former there are disagreements. In its opinion, in the document mutual relations of manufacturers of the foodstuffs and the network trading companies should be more accurately described. for manufacturers of the agricultural goods it is essentially important to have access to trading networks without bonuses and delays of reception of means for the realised goods - Elena Skrynnik has explained. But there and then recognised that understands colleagues from minpromtorga which consider the bill from the point of view of trade development. Such understanding gives up hope that the modifed law in the autumn as it was promised earlier, will arrive in the government.

Besides it, Elena Skrynnik has promised that three more new acts will allow to solve the basic questions of ground regulation. Anyway, rural owners will have a possibility to use the earth as The best investment tool for reception of credits . That is to put fields in banks.