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Dmitry Medvedev has suggested the State Duma to prolong powers of the head of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev

President Dmitry Medvedev has suggested the State Duma to prolong powers of the head of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev. Any problems with nominee passage through the parliament lower chamber should not be.

the Chairman of the Central bank of Russia Sergey Ignatyev became in March, 2002 and since then regularly followed the state course. In intrigues has not been noticed, at it the Central Bank practically did not make misses. Even in crisis when under any official responsible for economy the armchair cannot stand firmly, Ignatyev accurately and methodically followed the state line, without making sharp movements in economy. On a crisis wave accurately devalvirovali a rouble exchange rate. It was necessary to lower the refinancing rate to reduce the price of credits - have made even in two calling in general for 1 percent.

Work of the Central Bank of last years and that, more likely, also was the defining moment, especially last months did not remain not noticed. Yesterday Dmitry Medvedev has personally informed Ignatyev that has made the decision to leave it at a Central Bank management for one term. all those duties which are assigned to you as on the chairman of the Central bank, remain, and the Central bank should in any situation, even in enough difficult modern situation, to carry out the basic functions, the main objectives - the president addressed. These problems include normal functioning of bank system of the country, functioning of payment system and carrying out uniform monetary - the credit policy in our country.

are large macroeconomic problems, but quite concrete consequences consisting in follow from them, maybe, to obtain the credit under normal rates as our citizens will feel how much they are assured of that course which is spent by the state and the Central bank, - Medvedev has underlined.

Crisis, naturally, has added to the Central Bank of cares. Even today, when the situation in economy like is better, than it was expected, there is a set of the negative tendencies demanding steadfast attention. the main problem in which we now seriously are engaged, is a growth of the delayed debts from the enterprises of real sector to bank system - Sergey Ignatyev has underlined.

the Government and the Central Bank have already prepared a number of measures to level negative consequences of the second wave of crisis in bank system which many economists expect in the autumn of this year. In particular, the new stage of delivery to banks subordinirovannyh credits and granting of additional capitals through bonds of a federal loan is provided. this list not settling, - was noticed by the head of the Central Bank. - we will think and further over possible measures of support both bank system, and real sector .

However, Dmitry Medvedev simple lists and plans, apparently, not to calm any more. Crisis has taught it to trust only to the facts. Here and yesterday the head of the state has reminded the government, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank that at a stage of approval of those or other steps work does not come to an end.

- At me unique only here the commission and to you, and the government - if we will accept these measures, it is necessary to do it as it is possible quickly if it is required, - the president has declared. - Because the basic problem now consists that between the fact of approval of those or other decisions and their real execution takes place considerable enough time, and it for economy sensitively.

are so sensitive for economy and other processes - a situation with a rouble exchange rate and high inflation. But meanwhile in both cases there are positive tendencies. Devaluation of rouble of the Central Bank, according to its chairman, has finished in the end of January, and now it is compelled to buy up currency not to admit its excessive strengthening. it has become stronger already approximately for 10 percent, - Ignatyev has informed. - we have already thought that, probably, mnogovato from the point of view of preservation of credit status of our real sector on world and the domestic market, but nevertheless we adhere to necessity and further to raise volatilnost the rate of exchange in the long term to come to a mode of free swimming. But it - in the long term .

Inflationary expectations in the Central Bank meanwhile too it is better than the forecast. The next months, Ignatyev is assured, its decrease will proceed, and it will allow the Central Bank and further to reduce interest rates. eventually it will lead to decrease in interest rates by banks for the enterprises of real sector, and it will promote situation correction as a whole - Ignatyev is assured.

In the State Duma on Ignatyev`s nominee positive responses have already sounded. I consider Sergey Ignatyev as exclusively professional chairman of the Central bank of whom any bank system " could be proud; - the head of Committee of the State Duma of the financial market Vladislav Reznik has noted. At it, the deputy considers, the policy of the Central Bank always was reasonable that was showed including in the conditions of crisis. Therefore when Ignatyev`s nominee will arrive in committee, it will be operatively considered, has promised Reznik.