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To regional banks refuse in long credits

the Central Bank will be included into the capital of private banks and is ready to the further decrease in the rate of refinancing. It was declared by the first deputy of the chairman of Bank of Russia Alexey Uljukaev during the visit to the Rostov region. However the representatives of the regional banks who have come on a meeting to hear, both the credit organisations in crisis will be supported, and have not received the answer: whether they can to count also on accessible resources.

For what it is necessary for Central Bank to supervise the private credit organisations, have explained simply: for maintenance of stability of bank system. The new kind of support assumes the following mechanism: the bank will begin release of preference shares which then will be redeemed by the state. The bank under their pledge can involve refinancing in the Central Bank, thus rates of the involved means will be commensurated with rates under bonds of a federal loan. These actions will give the chance to the state to enter the representatives into bank board of directors to own all information on its activity. Thus the share of preference shares in the bank capital can be increased with present 25 to 50 percent. It is planned that the representative of the Central Bank will be included into controls of private bank, though and without the casting vote right. Proprietors of bank will have an opportunity the return repayment of actions in five years. When these plans while it is not known will be introduced.

what else schemes for stability preservation are offered by the Central Bank? Recognition possibility subordinirovannogo the credit is considered by the capital of the first level, in particular. At the expense of so long loan it will be possible to form 15 percent of the capital of bank.

- We think of the further decrease in the rate of refinancing, - Alexey Uljukaev has underlined. - I do not see the reasons which would prevent us to make it again till the end of current year. Following the results of May we predict inflation at level of 0,7 percent that is less, than last year. It gives the chance to reduce the rate and further.

In the Central Bank of the Russian Federation ways of the decision of mortgage debts are developed also. For what it is supposed to generate a pool of homogeneous creditor requirements. All these initiatives offered by the Central Bank, ostensibly urged to strengthen liquidity of the regional credit organisations. However in practice it turns out that big banks can apply for the budgetary financial help from a top - 30 only.

Here and the heads of some Don banks who are present at a meeting with a management of the Central Bank, should state words of criticism to actions of the authorities in the financial market. They complained that small and average banks cannot use the means of the state support which have arrived in the State Banks. From 22 banks of the Rostov region only one has possibility to receive state support means. Alexey Uljukaev did not open, on the contrary, recognised an existing state of affairs:

- Receiving state support means, banks with the state participation are obliged to increase a credit portfolio by two percent a month, - he has informed. - however from four State Banks only the Savings Bank observes this requirement. The others have lowered crediting volumes in the Rostov region in times. Though they report, on the contrary, about growth in 5 percent. We with it will understand.

In Association of regional banks have the sight at an event now in bank sphere. In their opinion, in the conditions of crisis it is necessary to stake on regional banks as they conduct the conservative policy of crediting and finance that business of which are absolutely assured.

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Anatoly Aksakov , the president of Association of regional banks of Russia:

- the Best way of an overcoming the crisis - to give out subordinirovannye credits to regional banks, which in turn prokreditujut small and average business which will pull out Russia from crisis.

As practice shows, the most part of the measures directed on support of bank system, basically mention the credit organisations entering into first 20 largest banks of the country. The help, as a rule, does not reach regional banks.

As to the refinancing rate its level depends on objective factors, basic of which - inflation. If the Bank of Russia can keep inflation in a bridle also the refinancing rate can fall for 0,5 - 1 %.

As to formation of a pool of homogeneous creditor requirements it demands some time. Ideal variant when to pool formation all credit organisations will be admitted. And already in the course of formation the list of the credit organisations on which basis pools will be generated will routinely be defined.

banks while solve the Problem of mortgage debts by own strength. The part of problems dares by means of ARIZHK. But this mechanism of re-structuring of mortgage loans works while without use of all potential - stirs absence of financial literacy among borrowers. After all by the established rules, the statement for re-structuring should be submitted to bank even before delay, and many our citizens, hoping on perhaps resort to the help already after occurrence of difficulties and cannot use help ARIZHK. Therefore, on the one hand, it is necessary to spend work on increase of financial literacy of the population, and with another - to develop new mechanisms for re-structuring of mortgage loans and rekapitalizatsii the credit organisations. The corresponding offers developed by experts of Association of regional banks of Russia, already are in the government.

that debts indicators on mortgage loans reflect the general situation in the crediting market is Here again important. From March, 2008 till March 2009 - go debts of physical persons and the organisations have grown approximately on third.

If to understand debts structure it becomes clear that banks less willingly finance now large business. It it is already strong zakreditovan and risk of a non-return here above. Therefore the accent now should be made on small-scale business crediting, a mortgage. Small credits for private businessmen on forces to regional banks. And small business - to structures regional banks even are geographically closer. Many large multifilial banks of federal level actually are absent in some settlements, and speed of decision-making under statements on delivery of credits considerably concedes speeds of the answer from the regional credit organisations., Perhaps, main competitive advantage also consists in it.

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