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In Krasnodar has passed the All-Russian forum of small and average business

About that, anti-recessionary measures of the government for businessmen in one of the most safe Russian regions where budgetary funds arrive practically without sequestering are how much effective, participants of the All-Russian forum which has passed in Krasnodar of small and average business found out.

According to the vice-president of the All-Russian public organisation of small and average business the SUPPORT of Russia Alexander Brechalova, by efficiency of anti-recessionary measures spent by the government for business from eight basic countries of Europe and the CIS Russia has appeared only on a penultimate place. Probably, the reason that from an anti-recessionary package only 1,6 percent of money have been allocated for small-scale business.

- it is healthy, when the state gives something, - the president of the SUPPORT Sergey Borisov considers, - but is better it would not take away money in the form of every possible procedures of coordination, permissions and osvidetelstvovany.

However, according to the vice-president of the Federation Council of Svetlana Orlovoj, the main thing - thanks to anti-recessionary measures was possible to rescue bank contributions of citizens which are estimated in 4,9 billion roubles. If to speak about plans for the future, how the director of department of state regulation in economy of Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia Andrey Sharov has told, the problem of tax administration should become that Carthago, that fortress which it is necessary to take storm . Probably, working out of the Code of small-scale business where isolated laws all nowadays and the statutory acts will be collected, concerning this sphere, will allow businessmen to be guided better in numerous instructions.

businessmen basically used a forum platform to splash out on officials the insults. So, the Stavropol businessman was indignant with that the municipal property entirely in large quantities is registered on relatives of officials. Its colleague from Novorossisk was perplexed: why banks do not bear responsibility for hacker breaking of settlement accounts? Well and inhabitants of Sochi distribution of the ground areas in city centre - there where businessmen already work does not arrange...

Claims of businessmen have revealed the main thing - officials of all levels continue koshmarit businessmen. Deterioration of an enterprise climate has expressed and zamrukovoditelja FAS Russia Pavel Subbotin. As he said, it is inadmissible it is a little made on protection and competition development.

- Patriotic slogans harm to common cause, - he has told. Unresolved there are problems of natural monopolies, and administrative barriers year from a year becomes even more.