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Boris Kopejkin about a cup-final of Russia: If you champions of Russia in such situations are obliged to win

In Sunday Himkah situated near Moscow the cup-final of Russia has taken place. The capital CSKA which has beaten the champion of the country Kazan " became the owner of a prestigious trophy; the Ruby .

Komanda Kurbana Berdyeva almost played 80 minutes the majority, but as a result has conceded - 0:1. The victorious ball on the first added minute of the second time was hammered by the halfback of CSKA Evgenie Aldonin.

the Ruby for the first time in history having reached the final the Cup of Russia, could not win a trophy. And here soldiers in the fifth time became owners of the Cup and have received it on eternal storage. We will notice that in this season of CSKA under the direction of Ziko has won already the second title. The Supercup of Russia was the first. And in both cases it is red - dark blue have got the best over the Ruby .

About results of a final the correspondent has had a talk with the deserved trainer of Russia Boris Kopejkinym.

: Boris Arkadevich, was pleasant to you a duel in Himkah?

Boris Kopejkin: Not so because all match played not as equals - 11 on 10. It is already perfect other game. It was necessary to soldiers with 13 - 14 - j minutes to play ten together, and other tactics here is necessary. For certain CSKA wanted to play the first number, but all has turned out on the contrary. Naturally soldiers who have remained in minority had to operate from defence.

RG: As consider, Mamayev`s removal was fair?

Kopejkin: Basically, yes. By and large anybody from players of CSKA also did not challenge the decision of the main arbitrator. Mamayev has lost a position, to it remains nothing how to suffice attacking the Ruby leaving on the goalkeeper.

RG: It seemed that in the second time the Ruby despite numerical advantage, has given the initiative and played the second number.

Kopejkin: This command plays all life the second number. Citizens of Kazan played more than 70 minutes the majority, but obvious scoring chances and have not created. Well the ball on penal CSKA, well and what flied there sometimes? And the real moments - that also was not. Such, for example, as an exit in private with the goalkeeper of soldiers. I can not remember anything especially dangerous Akinfeeva at gate. How so? It is unimportant, where there passes game - at home, in Himkah, in Luzniki if you champions of Russia should win such situations necessarily.

RG: Than speaks that sometimes defenders the Ruby operated in penal too ner vno and it is inadequate?

Kopejkin: And it would be desirable to tell that absence of experience, but we - that know that in defence of a command of Berdyeva basically mature football players, have much played, much have seen. But also they were nervous. The cup-final is a special match. Here, of course, excitement raised. The price of an error costs much.