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Depeche Mode Operation at David Gehana comes back to a scene

has passed successfully, and now Depeche Mode will continue world round in support of the etapnogo album Sounds Of The Universe.

Some concerts should be cancelled or transferred on “ reserve days “. However, terms of visit to Russia “ the dispatch “ have decided to leave invariable. Now Gehan can remember that serene evening in Athenes as the bad dream which as a result has appeared positive and with the happy end. The blessing, all has turned out, as in a saying “ Every cloud has a silver lining “ - the legendary English musician also did not suspect before that at it, it appears, there is a malignant tumour of a bladder... When soloist Depeche Mode before part Terra Vibe Park has unexpectedly braided, in the beginning it sinned on an attack gastroenterita (probably, any musicians should eat on tours vsuhomjatku to break a mode, a word - to spoil a stomach). Thought, can, will manage - pobolit and will cease?! But when Gehana have brought to hospital, the diagnosis has appeared another. And it is good that it was found out at an early stage: in the vocalist very much in time have found out and have successfully removed a malignant tumour of a bladder. Now all misfortunes behind, and Depeche Mode are ready to continue world round. Have promised that it will renew in Leipzig on June, 8th. Though with cancelled from - for David Gehana`s illnesses concerts (basically “ has suffered “ the Eastern Europe) on - former not all is clear: show at festival Pinkpop in Holland in general is cancelled, others - in doubt or are transferred for later terms. For example, performance in the Norwegian Bergen will take place now only on January, 28th, 2010 - literally some days before visit Depeche Mode to Russia. But David Gehan, Martin Gor and Andy Fletcher have hastened to calm our compatriots, having confirmed that concerts will take place in time: on February, 4th in St.-Petersburg and on February, 6th in Moscow. And have delicately reminded on the site: tickets still are on sale....

program Tour Of The Universe dated for an exit of album Sounds Of The Universe (that is “ Universe Sounds “) Indeed is worthy of it, that it have heard. The new disk considerably differs from the previous works of legendary British. If in 80 - e Depeche Mode gave out impudent, elastic and ritmicheski - the unchained hits (from this period in round are promised, in particular, Behind The Wheels), and in the beginning 90 - h were fond also guitar, hardly of more fatal sounding (Feel You and Personal Jesus too should be executed), “ Universe Sounds “ - others. Actually “ Universe Sounds “ have incorporated all “ sounds Depeche Mode “ that is soundings of group of the various periods of history.

On the one hand, it is good: considerably that musicians take pleasure in creation of multiplane, volume and generous compositions on ideas. With another - it is bad: On a disk there are no absolute hits - with precisely built rhythmic structures and at all clinging melody which immediately is to be echoed (as was practically with all songs of albums of the middle 80 - h Black Ρelebration and Music For Masses). Song Wrong, actually distant greetings from 80 - h became the first single of an album. On the way the second single - Peace (new songs there will not appear, but remix art will be convincingly shown), however as a whole present Depeche Mode plays music more difficult, deep and not at once learnt - as, actually, and the Universe. Focused not on singles, and on idea and the concept of sounding of an album. And from the second time it is pleasant already more, rather than from the first that as a matter of fact - too a sign of a good and qualitative musical product.

those who considers a present disk as the most pacified and quiet of all releases Depeche Mode are not right: Say, David Gehan has stopped to drink, and Martin Gor has moved with a family to California, and both have calmed down at once - to it any more to former confusions, spirit and hit passions. The true share in it is, but still the big contains in other: maturity which has already entered a time musicians is keen now on more difficult and scale creative problems. It seems that they even like to be again on the first boundaries of selectors of new soundings, to be a little in an underground. Gehan, without constraining itself standards and having got experience in solo work, now realises itself and as the composer (on a disk already its three songs) more actively. And Martin Gor - the author of almost all material Depeche Mode - uses the considerable collection of synthesizers which has started to collect still in 80 - e in toolkit. As a result the success of an album is more, rather than at its separate compositions: that is Depeche Mode have gone more difficult and less commercial way. But public is grateful - disk Sounds Of Universe took the first places in a hit - parades of 20 countries of the world.

In spite of the fact that doctors advised Gehanu at first to be kept, hardly it will be followed their council and while are twisted again by a velosimulator houses. Is going to rush again on a scene as ugorelyj, to get public and podpityvatsja their power. As during round Sounds Of The Universe record of next concert album Depeche Mode is planned also. And in some countries, in particular Poland and Latvia, enthusiasts - umeltsy already even raise on the Internet money from fans - on purchase of soundtracks which will be written down during concerts and will start to extend among a narrow circle of admirers. Roughly for 20 euros. That musicians, predictably, will arrive to Russia in the end of round, even is good: probably, by then “ the dispatch “ will think up something else with sounding and will give out still any new ideas. From them becomes. Fate - the idol has closed the sick-list.

Depeche Mode after David Gehana`s recover come back to a scene.