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Leaders of the Georgian opposition predict country disintegration

the Leader of opposition party the Way of Georgia eks - Minister for Foreign Affairs Salome Zurabishvili considers absence of reaction from the authorities on railway blasting on the night of Tuesday one more step on country disorder .

all the day long we only hear comments from outside a press - Open Company services the Railway but the party of the authorities is not present any reaction - has declared Zurabishvili at a briefing. As she said, the authorities should make explosion investigation on a trunk-railway.

It is an act of sabotage. I do not know, who has made it, but if in the country there are authorities they should stop and investigate the similar facts - has underlined Zurabishvili. She has added that absence of reaction from the authorities specifies that in the country there is no power .

we Will remind that explosion on a site of the Georgian railway near village Ingiri of Zugdidsky area has occurred on the night of Tuesday at 3:22. By this time movement is already restored.