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The Russian and foreign shareholders the multinational corporation - VR have taken a break before new shvatko

the Chairman of board of directors (and one of the basic shareholders) the multinational corporation - VR Michael Friedman becomes also the president of this company. However, all on half a year, and then it should concede a post to someone to another. As applicants are called eks - the head of petrocompany West Siberian Resources Maxim Barsky and the native from Interros Pavel Skitovich which already start to work in the multinational corporation - VR. However to say that the Russian and British shareholders have settled all contradictions, while early.

In 2003 owners of the multinational corporation have sold British VR 50 % of the actions, on light there was a multinational corporation - VR. Then it was supposed that Englishmen will really operate the company, and Russians will provide political cover. Therefore for the industrial policy and the finance in the company managers from VR began to answer, and Russians have incurred legal maintenance and security service. There was nothing surprising and what representative VR Robert Dadli became the president of the multinational corporation - VR. Obviously, it was supposed that through any time VR will increase the package in the company.

However the situation in the country has changed. The Russian authorities have counted on strengthening of a role of the state in oil business. To owners YUKOS have not allowed to sell the action of the company to foreigners. As a result actives YUKOS have passed under control state Rosneft . Moreover, the government has decided what to develop strategic oil fields and gas those companies can only, the share of the foreign capital in which share capital does not exceed 50 %. But among Russian shareholders of the multinational corporation - VR is present not only Alpha - groups but also the American firm Access Industries (Leonardu Blavatniku belongs), therefore turns out that the share of the foreign capital in the multinational corporation - VR exceeds 50 %. Thus, the multinational corporation - VR cannot apply for development of strategic deposits. It has not pleased British, and they have started talking about that 50 % of the multinational corporation - VR were got by the Russian state company. The Russian shareholders have opposed it and have organised a number arrivals on English managers. As a result Robert Dadli has left the post.

Now the multinational corporation - VR tries to operate through creation of joint ventures with state companies. With Gazprom the company plans to develop Kovyktinsky gazokondensatnoe a deposit, and with Rosneft the Verhnechonsky oil. Thus, while the Russian shareholders of the multinational corporation - VR have won a round in struggle against British, but those for certain will try to recoup.