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The forecast for regions of Russia - stable, but credit risks can grow - Moody`s

the International rating agency Moody`s estimates as stable the forecast of development of the Russian regions, but marks possibility of increase in credit risks in intermediate term prospect.

stable the forecast for the Russian regions is based on expectations of preservation of economic growth, though also weaker, and also moderate deficiencies and indicators of a debt of regions - it is told in the agency review.

steady economic growth last two years was the key engine of stabilisation of the finance of the Russian regions to pre-crisis levels. On the end of 2011 the average level of incomes of the regions having rating Moody`s, exceeded an indicator of 2008, operational profits have a little grown also deficiencies were in most cases restored to moderate levels in comparison with pre-crisis indicators - mark in Moody`s.

the Basic scenario Moody`s for 2012 assumes that the Russian regions will keep steady financial indicators. This scenario is based on the assumption of growth of gross national product of the country on 3,3 - 3,5 % and the favorable prices for raw materials.

nevertheless Moody`s expects occurrence of some bearish risks in economy in the following 12 - 18 months.

now 16 Russian regions have ratings Moody`s - from Baa1 to Ba3 informs Interfax . A rating of Tatarstan - Ba1 .