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Jackson Five pochtjat memory of bottoms - the king tour round

Michael Jackson`s Brothers have reunited for the first time for 28 years. After three years after death of the king of bottoms - music of four participants of legendary group Jackson Five go in tour Unity Tour, devoted to memory of most known of brothers. With details the correspondent FM in the USA Natalia Suvorov.
brothers of Dzhermejn, Jackie, Marlon and Tito Jacksons on Wednesday will play the first of 16 planned concerts. Unity Tour will begin in the Canadian small town Orillija in two hours` journey from Toronto, and Las - Vegase and Los - Adzhelese will proceed in cities of the USA, including in New York.

Brothers Jacksons rehearsed in Los - Andzhelese within two months, but first two concerts planned for June, 18th and 19, it was necessary to cancel. According to musicians, they wanted to avoid technical overlays and to make first-rate quality show. Despite respectable age - younger from participants 55 years, and to the senior recently were executed 61 year, - brothers Jackson promise at least the one and a half hour program from the hits checked up by time.

we are very glad that again we will sing alive because at us so it is a lot of songs. At us a huge choice, and many songs - for example, Looking Through The Windows - we executed together with Michael - one of brothers speaks.

hearings about reunion Jackson Five went since three years ago Michael Jackson has died of overdose of soporific shortly before scale tour round. As has told Jackie Jackson, the concert will be penetrated by memory of the died king of bottoms - music.

once me have asked, whether we on a scene are going to reproduce Michael Jackson`s three-dimensional hologramme. I have answered that anything similar will not be. It is not necessary to try to recreate Michael - it and so with us, everywhere there will be its photos and a song - he speaks.

Russia Jackson is not included into tour plans of brothers, as, however, and other countries distant, in relation to America, abroad. The concert in Canada becomes unique performance The Jacksons outside of the USA.