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Twilight Kristen Stewart the Actress who has executed a leading role in the saga " has overtaken the Hollywood film stars

; Twilight for a year has earned $34,5 million and has won first place in the list of the most highly paid actresses. However critics Stewart are sceptical about successes: the doubtful actor`s given girls hardly will allow it to construct career.
a star fentezijnoj sagas Twilight Kristen Stewart became the most expensive actress of Hollywood. She has headed magazine Forbes rating. At its drawing up the edition considered fees of actresses, and also incomes of advertising contracts and dividends. For the last year 22 - summer Stewart has earned $34,5 million However to it hardly it will be possible to repeat success in next year, the editor-in-chief of portal Movie is assured. ru George Samsonov.

so it has turned out that it has got to this film serial, thanks to it became known, as basically and Robert Pattinson. I think that out of Twilight Kristen Stewart hardly will achieve any success, popularity because it hardly unexpectedly will find any ingenious abilities which at it are not present. All these fees vremenny, - were noted by him. - yes, commercially successful film serial gives huge profits, from here and huge fees. But on it all will end, and in some years anybody and will not remember the actress .

the Assistant to the editor-in-chief of magazine GQ, the film critic the Novel Volobuyev believes that Kristen Stewart expects successful career and after Twilight .

it is clear that it had simply huge franchise, it about what does not speak. Important, how many years successively it will get to this list. It the fine girl, and with Belosnezhkoj all like was good, therefore, probably, it not a case of any Hejdena Kristensena which, apparently, too was in this list in connection with Star wars and now try to remember somebody, who it such and as looks. Stewart - the fine girl, I think that at it all will be as it should be - Volobuyev has told.

in the list of the most highly paid Hollywood actresses Kristen Stewart has bypassed such stars as Sharliz Teron and Julia Roberts.

place in a rating of the most highly paid actresses under magazine Forbes version was occupied with Kameron Dias. Since May of last year the actress has earned $34 million Edition notices that a picture very bad teacher with Dias in a leading role has collected in world hire $216 million On the third place of the list - actress Sandra Bullok. For 2011 - 2012 the actress has received the basic incomes as dividends from a picture the Invisible party let out in 2009 and advance payment for a role in a fantastic film Gravitation which exit is planned for the next year. For the last year Sandra Bullok has earned $25 million Closes ten the most highly paid actresses of Hollywood Jennifer Aniston. For last year the actress has acted in film in several successful comedies: Pretend to be my wife Intolerable bosses and Passion to change of places and its revenue has made $11 million

the Last year`s leader of the list Angelina Jolie this year it has appeared on the fourth position. For the last year the actress has not acted in film in one vysokobjudzhetnom a film.