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The site of the Czech Chamber of Deputies has fallen a victim of a sensuality

the Updated Internet - the portal of the Czech Chamber of Deputies has not sustained wild popularity and has sharply stopped work: on the main page to users were offered video and a photo of a category 18 +. On one of versions, files belong to the programmer of a site, journalists tell.
the new site of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech parliament unexpectedly for all became extremely popular on Tuesday and has not sustained flow of visitors, having ceased to answer inquiries. The reason - the erotic photos placed on starting page, video and at least one pornographic clip, has informed the correspondent Radio Prague Asya Chekanova.

the Number of visitors of a site has read off scale so that it has fallen and though an error have very quickly eliminated, scandal did not manage to be hushed up. It was originally informed that in an easy approach there were files of one of programmers. Erotic photos, films, musical files of obviously private character. After a press of department of Chamber all fault has assigned to hackers who, ostensibly, have found holes in site protection. The new version of a site works only from the end of May and for its start has been spent nearby 15 thousand. It is supposed that workers of a parliamentary network " are guilty; - she speaks.

it is necessary to notice that to deputies of the lower chamber of parliament of Czechia has still carried. Their personal correspondence or frank photos have not got to open access. More often politicians become victims of paparazzi or the attentive television cameramen conducting translations from boardrooms.

greatest quantity of the scandals connected with various frivolous photos, are connected with the former prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi. So, in 2011 pictures from a party on its country house of Chertoza then the prime minister began to accuse of the organisation of orgies on the state money have been published.

In June, 2011 in the USA scandal after occurrence in the Network of a photo of the half-naked congressman - the democrat Anthony Viner has burst. The politician has sent this photo to the lady from whom conducted the Internet - correspondence. The lady has not estimated its act and has published a photo in the Twitter. The congressman had to resign.

In April, 2012 one of Ukrainian online - editions, has published close ups of a cellular telephone of one of deputies which during debate on criminally - to the remedial code conducted personal correspondence on SMS. The People`s choice, complained to the addressee who named a kitten on boredom also promised a fast meeting. As a result of Radu the deputy has left before the session termination.

that the new site of the Czech Chamber of Deputies is insufficiently protected, hackers spoke even at the moment of its start. Now the Czech police understands, to whom to bring accusations and whether there is in general a crime structure in pornography placing on a parliamentary site.