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Courts over Russians pass in Poland independently - without intervention RFS

the Court in Poland has taken out punishment 36 - to the summer Russian whom have detained for firing fajera on a match Spain-Croatia. To it have awarded six months of imprisonment conditionally and the penalty about 10 thousand rbl. of the Detail to leader Andrey Norkinu was told by the commentator NTV Plus the special correspondent FM for Euro - 2012 Timur Zhuravel.
is a sentence what already under the account it turns out to the Russian fan?

- the Fourth or the fifth. In total, actually, three - four Russian citizens have detained, but even the embassy does not receive the exact information from the Warsaw courts about technology of removal of sentences. Where - that four - our five fellow citizens as a result have detained, to which have pronounced a sentence. Here now, probably, it is last person to whom it have taken out.

- it is simple because our all have left, there in general remains nobody?

- Actually, yes. Now in Warsaw it is necessary to spend two matches, 1/ 4 endings and a semi-final, and the Russian fans here simply does not remain, they here are not present, and such problem of control over this situation turns out. Now it for the Russian side is not necessary. Therefore these courts pass already without intervention RFS which as - that tried to supervise all it, that is it already occurs independently absolutely.

actually, that occurred at stadiums, it is necessary to divide. We already said that, for example, the Polish party is not punished for those attacks on the Russian fans who were, but that occurs in stadium, all is fixed by chambers, therefore punishment will follow there and then, that is calculate the fan instantly, detain and punish.

Everything that occurs outside of stadium, the UEFA does not concern, it is not fixed by chambers, it is not visible anywhere, that is that was on June, 12th and 13 - attacks on the Russian fans, it is all to control any is not exposed, therefore the Polish party is not punished in any way that was.

- Timur if to return directly to football. Have taken off now and Ukrainians, that is, the second country - the mistress. As in general estimate a tournament course, because, in general - that, without sensations. All those to whom it is necessary by name, have passed in 1/ 4 endings, behind an exception unless Dutches, probably. It not seems, what is dullish?

- it not seems, because any tournament does not do without sensations. Actually, the departure of Dutches and Russians, by the way, too rank Russians as such national teams which should appear in play - off, there is a certain general point because also that, and other national team was trained by the Dutch.

And that, both other trainer - and Dik the Lawyer, and Bert van Marvik who trained a national team of Holland, have decided to count on veterans, on those people who are already enough checked up in the big tournaments. Also it is visible, and that, and other trainer were mistaken with preparation. Also it is really such amusing, but nevertheless, a parallel when two Dutch trainers do almost identical miscalculation.

Holland and Russia is, certainly, two commands which sensationally have not passed further. The others have really made the work. For example, France which has lost yesterday to Sweden, left from the second place, it is a command which grows on a tournament course. And in general it is specificity of the European championship when the command which as a result will win a title, does not start from low start, it does not show at once the maximum turns, it types them on a tournament course. Therefore now among those eight national teams which remained, most likely, to eat the command which yet has not shown the best football but which, most likely, will reach the Cup of Europe.