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To tell the truth, it is not felt that crisis is close

Countries G20 will increase IMF reserves almost on half-trillion dollars. Russia is ready to enclose in the general coin box of $10 mlrd, in parallel having cut down expenses on oboronku. The Ministry of Finance is simply reinsured, experts consider, crisis yet does not threaten domestic economy.
the countries the twenty will rescue an eurozone. In Mexico at summit G20 leaders of the states-participants have made the decision to increase IMF reserves on $450 billion Largest payments will make Japan, Germany, France, China and Russia. Means will go on counteraction and prevention of crises in the countries of Europe. At a meeting with journalists Vladimir Putin has explained that transfer of money to favourably not only Most international currency fund, but also Russia.

in the Russian government too prepare for crisis. Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov has declared that the budget will be reduced to 2013. As he said, state expenses on anti-recessionary measures will increase at the expense of the means allocated for defence. However the director for macroeconomic researches of the Higher school of economy Sergey Aleksashenko yet does not see occasions to anxiety.

I, to tell the truth, do not feel that crisis is close. Here I have two hypotheses. The first: or the government is strong in a panic - clearly why - it was frightened, for example, of reduction of prices on oil with 129 to 100 - 96 for barrel that now all will be, as in 2008 and it is necessary to prepare, shout the Wolf, a wolf! . Or the government knows something such about a condition of the Russian economy that not known by us. For external crisis of any factors, any driving moments for strong such crisis I do not see - he speaks.

the director of Institute of economy Ruslan Grinberg is assured that the Ministry of Finance wants to be reinsured by the actions.

Personally it seems to me that this resafety statement, this convenient statement. Always it is possible to tell: Well you want? See, the oil price falls, therefore depart from cash desk while . On what want it is possible to save. I think, it is possible not to save at all, it is possible even to have a budgeted deficit more, to have one, two or three percent. The problem of our country not in paying regularly those social obligations which have been given - he speaks.

within the limits of anti-recessionary measures the Ministry of Finance also plans to pass to a rigid budgetary rule: formation of incomes will occur, proceeding from the average price of oil for the last five years.