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the Mayor has seen News the Hypercube
on May, 24th the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin has familiarised with a course of building of the innovative centre Skolkovo which territory since July, 1st will be a part of the Russian capital. The first building the Hypercube it is almost ready - in it the mayor has held the working meeting devoted to a course of building. (The length of a side - 31) from glass and concrete is planned to put a seven-story cube in operation in September. By this time all painting and decorating will be finished, the first of two electrosubstations under construction now in Skolkovo is started and high-voltage lines which will provide input of objects are laid. The basic part of works on building in a city of roads and engineering communications it is planned to execute by 2014 when it should accept the summit G8 .

the Adherent will bring $20 million
the Venture fund Frontier Ventures specialising on investments in sphere consumer Internet - services, on May, 29th has signed with Fund Skolkovo the memorandum of mutual understanding, having incurred the obligation to enclose $20 million in the technological projects developed by participants Skolkovo . Thus Frontier Ventures will receive not only access to a database of projects Skolkovo and possibility to invest in these projects, but also the right to address in fund with demands about assignment of the status of the participant by the portfelnym to the companies. The partner - founder Frontier Ventures Dmitry Alimov considers such partnership organic . Now in the list of investors Skolkovo already more than 30 Russian and foreign companies and funds.

to fuel elements have found the investor
the Resident nuclear klastera Fund Skolkovo The Ekaterinburg Ural industrial company has concluded on June, 5th with German SUNFIRE GmbH the contract on cooperation. The companies intend to develop in common power installations on planar (that is flat) tverdooksidnyh fuel elements and to organise their batch production. The created technology can be applied everywhere in independent sources of a current, and ecologically safe as in fuel elements energy of hydrocarbonic fuel will be transformed to the electric power, passing process of burning and, accordingly, without emission of hotbed gases. If the development cycle comes to the end successfully, the parties undertake to transfer free of charge the necessary rights to intellectual property for joint business dealing. All expenses also have arrived partners will halve. It is expected that the company annual turnover at a stage of small-scale manufacture will make nearby 1,5 mlrd rbl. with prospect of growth to 30 mlrd rbl.

the Dutch technoparks will impart experience
Fund Delegation Skolkovo led by its president Victor Vekselberg 26 - on June, 27th will go on a visit to the Netherlands to come into contacts to the companies, the scientific organisations and investors in this country. The delegation plans to visit University Tvente, biopark Leiden, technopark Brejnport in Eindhoven, the centres Medical delta in Rotterdam and Delft, and also the optimisation Center in the oil and gas industry in Delft and in the Power valley in Groningen. For a year representatives Skolkovo have already visited with roud - show Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Spain. These trips have opened before us new prospects of cooperation in the field of innovations mister Vekselberg has explained.

Microsoft offers decisions
Microsoft Business Solutions and Fund Skolkovo On May, 21st have signed the agreement on opening of the Center of research and development Microsoft. In the centre works on applied researches and working out of program decisions Microsoft Dynamics which are delivered worldwide will be conducted. It is expected that by 2015 the centre will involve more than 100 IT - experts and scientists. Microsoft - one of strategic partners Skolkovo . The company is the general executor of the project of the Data-processing centre (TSOD) Skolkovo, supervising including a concept and architecture TSOD development cycle. Microsoft also participates in educational programs. Besides, the company with discounts (and partially and free of charge) has given to fund the big set of the software, including specialised ON for researches.

will operate money of Skolteha VTB and the Alpha
According to the newspaper Sheets operating endaumenta Skolteha become structures of bank VTB and UK the Alpha - the Capital . It is supposed that this fund will receive in management of an order of $500 million, target profitableness of investments will make about 5 %, and it will be formed at the expense of deductions of the largest state companies, among which Gazprom the Russian Railway, RusGidro FSK, Aeroflot and others. According to the commission of the former president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev they should pay in this endaument 3 % of net profit on RSBU or 1 % from expenses for the programs of innovative development. According to the vice-president of fund Skolkovo Stanislav Naumov, corresponding procedures should come to the end by September then fund filling will begin.

the Ural Carriage-Building Plant will come in Skolkovo
Corporation Ural Carriage-Building Plant (UVZ) together with company RTI will construct the centre of scientific researches and it is skilled - technological works in Skolkovo has informed the newspaper News The assistant to the general director on innovations and investments of factory Andrey Torgashev. Investments UVZ will make more than 1 mlrd rbl. It is supposed that the centre will be engaged scientific and design activity, including on manufacture of cars from composite materials, internal combustion engines and transmission . Working out of a new class of the cars completely made of composite materials is planned. Now such products in Russia not only are not made, but also there was no firm which would guarantee that can make a composite material with the set characteristics. Designed diesel engines will have capacity from 300 to 1,5 thousand horsepowers and are intended for cars and a special equipment, including for military vehicles.