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What does the industry wait from Skolteha?

Vladimir Dovgy, the assistant to the general director on innovative development of Open Society OPK Oboronprom :

- For the Russian economy creation of Skolkovsky institute of a science and technologies, or as it still name, Skolteha, is a sign of transition to new level of management of long-term development of science and education in the country. The format of functioning of Skolteha is not entered in definition of classical university. It consolidates initiatives of business, scientific and educational collectives - authorities of world level on integration of a wide spectrum scientific, scientifically - technical, scientifically - technological, innovative and other areas, allows with bolshej to integrate return scientific researches and formation.

For the large companies with the state participation cooperation with Skoltehom is based first of all on interest in expansion of the research centres under the programs having essentially great value for preservation and development of competitiveness. It is possible to carry researches to them in the field of creation of materials of new generation, working out of the easy and reliable designs creating competitive advantages, researches on new power technologies, etc.

We expect that functioning in Skoltehe the research centres with simultaneous development on its base of the academic formation and granting of possibilities trained to show the talents in scientific activity will allow to create in a short space of time in Russia the international research university of a world class.

Leonid Komm, the vice-president under programs and Open Society OAK innovations:

- Open Society OAK welcomes the beginning of work of Skolkovsky institute of a science and the technologies, created on October, 25th, 2011, and notices that cooperation of Open Society OAK and Skolteha already starts to bear fruit.

now Open Society OAK both to other enterprises and the organisations of various departments solving same scientifically - technical problems, possibility within the limits of the created consulting groups in several key directions is given to discuss and generate the purposes and problems for each of groups. According to the Concept educational and scientifically - technical activity of Skolteha possibilities and priority directions educational and scientifically - technical programs are defined. During discussion within the limits of the expanded and versatile audience on structure there are new approaches and ideas which can be used at formation of programs of works.

For Open Society OAK such most priority directions are creation of new non-polluting highly effective energy sources for application in power installations of planes of new generation, and also research of properties of the composite materials which are more and more widely applied in designs of planes, and monitoring of their condition.

Open Society OAK is interested in use of possibilities of Skolteha for realisation of the perspective research projects and creation scientifically - a technical reserve.

for more productive interaction of Open Society OAK and Skolteha the special joint working group has been generated, and experts of Open Society OAK are included in structure of consulting groups Skolteha in directions.

We lay hopes on created at partnership of the best Russian and foreign organisations centres of science Skolteha development of a science and working out proryvnyh technologies will be which purpose and in which has already expressed desire to work more than 400 leading experts of the different countries. We hope as a result of association of efforts of the experts employed by Skoltehom of centres of science, considerably to accelerate the decision of some the problems standing now before the aviation industry of Russia.

Dmitry Pisarenko, the director Moscow scientifically - the research centre SHljumberzhe :

- Cooperation with universities is the part of innovative activity of the companies directed on working out of new technologies and products which create the competitive advantage necessary for successful business dealing. Not less important purpose of cooperation is preparation and improvement of professional skill of experts of the companies within the limits of joint educational programs with universities.

the company SHljumberzhe for a long time and fruitfully works with many leading universities of the world. Their number includes world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, the Californian institute of technology, London imperial college. In Russia we co-operate with such universities, as the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosova, Moscow fiziko - technical institute, the Bashkir state university, Sankt - the Petersburg state polytechnical university, the Russian state university of oil and gas of I. M.Gubkin and others. For ten years of cooperation we have executed tens joint research projects, their results have laid down in a basis of creation of new generation of petroservice technologies which are widely applied now in business. By results of works it is received more than 150 patents in Russia and abroad. During joint educational programs we have prepared tens experts which now work in the research and technological centres SHljumberzhe to Russia, the USA, Japan and other countries.

we welcome creation of Skolkovsky institute of a science and technologies and, certainly, are interested in development of partner relations in the field of researches, workings out and preparation of experts. It is very important that Skolteh is created in cooperation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other leading foreign universities. It will allow to unite in work of Skolteha a wide experience and deep traditions of the Russian school of thought with the best achievements and kompetentsijami world science and education.