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It is supposed that Mubarak all - taki is live

Svergnutyj the leader of Egypt is live and positively reacts to treatment, but is in a clod, inform mass-media. Meanwhile, the day before there was a skirmish between supporters eks - the president and oppositionists about hospital in which Mubarak is placed. Details to leader Andrey Norkinu has told the correspondent of RIA News in Egypt Margarita Kislova.
Police of Egypt also has faced excitements on the area of Tahrir. Supporters of the candidate in the lead on elections - Mohammed Mursi have demanded from military men to delegate the power to the selected president. Armed forces continue to keep control of the country and do not plan to refuse these powers.

- Give we with Mubaraka we will begin, if you have any last data? All - taki that with it ?

- there is not enough information till now arrives from military hospital in Maadi where is since yesternight eks - the president of Egypt. With a certain share of probability assume that it all - taki is live, is, most likely, in a clod under preparations which provide its ability to live. The military authorities of Egypt have declared that Mubarak really is in a critical condition, however about death of speech does not go, and doctors try as - to stabilise that its condition.

the day before at night to hospital there has arrived spouse Hosny Mubarak Sjuzan Sabit. Here there have arrived representatives of the Higher council of war correcting in the country. Besides, it is possible to tell that Hosny Mubarak`s sons who all lately were near to the father in prison hospital, have not been admitted in military hospital. They are registered till now in imprisonment before trail, are in prison, and here it became known that right after Hosny Mubarak`s transfer in military hospital for limits of prison of his sons have placed in a usual prison cell as necessity for their finding for hospital has disappeared, and now they in extremely dejectedness wait for news in prison.

today since the morning some atmosphere so we will tell, heated at the night, has calmed down, both about hospital, and on Tahrire now the people have some. About hospital there were Hosny Mubarak`s faithful supporters who wait for any any signal about improvement of its condition.

on Tahrire, on the contrary, there are some tens persons which oppose continuations of military board in the country, against the time Constitution which has been some time ago declared by military men, and against parliament dissolution what also has some days ago declared the constitutional council of the country.

- it is how much possible to predict any aggravation of a situation? Because we already, in general - that, have got used in this time to that very much always people who leave on streets emotionally concern any any decisions of the authorities. Whether it is possible to wait for that repetition what was in 2011, now?

- Quite right. Unfortunately, all experts agree in opinion that, most likely, really it will not be possible to avoid collisions. These are two days, today and tomorrow, solving, it is possible to tell, for Egypt the next four years. The destiny of complaints which have been submitted by general Ahmad Shafikom on voting results today dares.

today the head of electoral committee of Egypt has declared that it is a question just of one million the voices which Shafiku does not suffice for a victory on presidential election. If the election committee where representatives of the Higher constitutional court enter, today all - taki decides to satisfy these complaints, and tomorrow Ahmad Shafik will be declared by the winner of presidential election to foresee that will begin in the country, in general - that, it is absolutely impossible.

If to consider other variant, say, the announcement of a victory of Mohammed Mursi, here too it will not be possible to avoid collisions. The country has shared actually half-and-half. Half of population is in horror of that Islamites and the Council of war can come to power in the country. And all judicial bodies are now filled up by entreaties about the help, that something is necessary for making not to admit Islamites to the power. And on the other hand, we see these protest actions, actions in support of Mohammed Mursi, in support Brothers - Moslems .

That is, that it will cause in Egypt, the nearest changes, it is very difficult to predict. But, of course, it is not necessary to expect calmness, because all is ambiguous.