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The nezaproektirovannyj collapse

the Prime minister - minister Dmitry Medvedev has demanded to punish guilty of a collapse of a site of a line of Sedanka-Patrokl which are under construction in Vladivostok within the limits of preparation for summit ATES. The incident reasons establish investigating bodies. Designers of road accuse of a collapse of the builders who have not made a drainage system. The governor of Primorski Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky, on the contrary, specifies in errors in designing.
investigatory management of investigatory committee of the Russian Federation across Primorski Krai has informed on criminal case excitation to signs of the crime provided p.1 item 216 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of safety rules at carrying out of the civil work, entailed on imprudence a large damage), upon destruction of a site of a line of Sedanka-Patrokl around street of Cosmonauts in Vladivostok. On June, 12th after a rain the part of a retaining wall has fallen, having filled up some private garages, the road cloth has given, on it cracks were formed. It is already established that absence of a drainage system on the fallen off site became the reason of state of emergency. Now it is found out, who is guilty of it - builders or designers - the Aurora Roman has declared the representative of department. The damage is estimated in 1,7 million rbl.

the Consequence operatively has reacted to the statement of prime minister Medvedev, at meeting on Monday urged to punish guilty of a collapse of a part of a line which should connect the airport with the bridge on island Russian where in the beginning of September will take place actions of summit ATES. Having reminded that for line building it has been allocated 29 mlrd rbl., including 21 mlrd - from the federal budget, mister Medvedev ascertained that quality of a roadwork has appeared rather and rather low . It is necessary to understand . Whether miscalculations have been admitted at road designing, the technological discipline or builders marriage is broken have admitted, - anyway it is necessary to spend all necessary trials - the prime minister has told. He has added that with guilty it is necessary to collect a real damage .

the Khabarovsk branch " was engaged in Designing of a line of Sedanka-Patrokl; giprodornii genpodrjadchikom is Joint-Stock Company Pacific mostostroitelnaja the company (TMK), as the customer the administration of Primorski Territory acts. Soon after incident zamgendirektora TMK Alexander Hoffmann has declared that has occurred cardinally terrible nothing . As have explained in TMK, in the course of building the defects admitted or designers inevitably come to light, or is direct builders who then are eliminated.

the Governor Miklushevsky, visited on a place of a collapse of a retaining wall on June, 14th, did not doubt the event reasons: We have found out that errors have been committed at designing of this site . The Chief engineer of the project of road department of the Khabarovsk branch giprodornii Alexey Mihajlov, on the contrary, assigns all fault to builders. design decisions on a drainage system are not executed by the contractor. They are ignored. Workers or had not time to make a drainage system, or have forgotten - mister Mihajlov " has declared; to Interfax . It is necessary to notice that after performance of prime minister Medvedev the governor Miklushevsky was not so categorical any more in conclusions. On Monday late at night a press - the service of regional administration has informed that the head of region has demanded during the investigation to specify Concrete guilty from the customer, the companies - the contractor and genproektirovshchika and to apply to them corresponding penal sanctions .

the Press - secretary TMK Olga Zarubina did not begin to make comments on charge to builders. the event reasons will establish investigating bodies - she has told. A recovery work on a line which while officially is not put in operation, should end to the beginning of July. under the existing plan, movement on a line should open in a City Day - on July, 2nd. This plan was not corrected - the madam the Notch has informed. According to Alexey Mihajlova, expenses for restoration of the damaged site of road will make about 30 million rbl.

we Will remind, Joint-Stock Company TMK is genpodrjadchikom other important object of summit ATES - the bridge through a bay the Gold Horn. At its building also has not done without incidents: On December, 12th last year there was a fire, the wooden timbering which is used for body concreting ankernogo flight of bridge transition has burnt down. From - for necessities of a recovery work bridge delivery has been transferred to operation since May, 29th for July, 2nd.