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The Office of Public Prosecutor will check up old laws on corruption

At session of council about corruption counteraction at the Khabarovsk governor Vyacheslav Shporte officials and agents of national security have discussed questions of anticorruption examination standard - legal certificates. Opening session, and. An island of the vice-president of the government of Khabarovsk territory on safety issues Sergey Kiriljuk has noticed that anticorruption examination is one of dominating measures of preventive maintenance of offences because a basis for fulfilment of such infringements is imperfection of our legislation . According to edge Office of Public Prosecutor, for last three years the number korruptsiogennyh laws has decreased. As Natalia Titov has reported the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of edge, in 2011 only in five is standard - legal certificates from 1772 analysed regional Office of Public Prosecutor the component has been found out korruptsiogennaja. For the last half a year one such certificate published by the government of Khabarovsk territory still in 1995 is found out only. In this connection Natalia Titov has urged to spend audit old standard - the legal certificates accepted still before activization of anticorruption examination. Among the problems influencing poor quality of laws accepted in edge, Titov`s madam has noted low level of work of municipal employees and absence of lawyers at municipal authorities.