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In all protest voice

In the centre of design ARTPLAY the exhibition " has opened; silence is a death. Art. Protest. Rock ` n ` roll. 1980 - 2010s made the Project FAT together with the Guerrilla museum that is, simply speaking, the curator Tatyana Volkovoj. Actual art is rare when sounds - in direct and figurative sense - so is actual, considers Anna TOLSTOV.
the concert at opening proceeded hours six: new heroes of our time, first of all Arcady Kots thundered on all Internet a hit Walls will fail sung in avtozake, were replaced still by quite live and vigorous classics - Vasily Shumovym, Herman Vinogradovym and chelovekomashinnym Alexey Shulgin`s duet and 386 DX. Veterans from " At last have with great dispatch revived old customs; Central Russian upland . In short intervals made the way humiliating Voice of Freedom - The new interactive sampler of group Electroboutique and Sergey Kasicha, uniting snow-white clavichords with the TV where it is possible to choose any talking head - though the president though Xenia Sobchak, and to improvise cacophony from their remarks, enjoyed wide popularity of public. Anyway eclipsed well-known the Protest karaoke Ivan Brazhkina, offering to echo krichalkam demonstrators of all countries and the people. However, all interactive units, all going to a mode non - stop musical videos and even a live concert at times blocked sonorous voices Pussy Riot: a clip Release a stone blocks! on motives of performances the punk - feminists in the Moscow underground and on roofs of trolley buses twisted in a separate hall tribjuta filled with posters, slogans, objects and clips from actions in support of group.

to Prepare an exhibition about stories of a revolutionary alliance of the modern art and fate - in Russia the curator Tatyana Volkova has begun music approximately one year ago when work on another it " came to the end; protest the project - festival Media blow from the parallel program 4 - j Moscow biennial. Then Pussy Riot also in pomine was not, but now they involuntarily became headliners Silences and, being behind bars, have brought split in numbers of prospective exhibitors. In one exhibition with Pussy Riot have flatly refused to participate Dee papl under plywood as a part of Boris Matrosova and Alexander Petrelli, and also a star Fly agarics Konstantin Zvezdochetov. With Fly agarics the enfant terrible of the Moscow art scene 1980 - h, skilfully pretending to be rokerami, should begin the project: under the legend, them ernichesky the Gold disk became last album forbidden in the USSR. The others fly agarics meanwhile participation have not refused. From the Gold disk are cut out all zvezdochetovskie parties, and a video picture with the magnificent five podretushirovana: Sven Gundlah, brothers of Mironenko and Alexey Kamensky on each side, and a figure otkaznika in the centre it is replaced by application with the image of a gold-domed temple of the Christ of the Savior.

silence breaks up on two parts - actual and historical. In actual - today`s music of barricades, that that walks videoclips on free network space, sometimes coming on exhibitions of such curators - radicals, as Andrey Yerofeev, as PG Bombily or Drisnja and Naked Alsu - groups nevertheless not musical, but art. Also the present masterpieces like " here come across; Demonstrations of anarchists on May, 1st, 2008 Dmitry Bulnygina, but as a whole at each clip separately the protest maintenance is usually more important than formal advantages. However gathered, in a synchronous pulsation of screens and veins, they shout that the country waits for something, as during Victor Tsoy`s epoch. The historical part tells mainly about groups 1980 - h, created to artists or at their active cooperation - from Fly agarics and Central Russian upland to Cinema and the Priest - mechanics . Here it is possible to see nju - vejverskie objects, dresses, posters and backs like covered sotsrealisticheskoj a mosaic and a fresco of a stringless guitar of Sergey Vorontsova or a rag in graffiti New artists - this bohemian surroundings is familiar to the wide spectator on solovevskoj Asse . As that Moscow and Leningrad art fate - hooliganism of prereorganization and reorganisation years by the little differed that occurred then in nju - jorkskih villidzhah . But fury from which the dying Soviet mode snatched on a youth counterculture to what archival any selection of prohibitive circulars testifies, gave to an earring in an ear of boy Bananana political sense. Concert photos and covers of albums ordinary not art, the fate - groups of that time is better than any political analysts say that stylistic disagreements with the power were ready to turn to the public energy, told this power forgive in August 1991 - go. Parallels between now and before silence is a death specially does not spend - they arise.