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The moon becomes closer to the people

Lunar tourism becomes a reality in 2015: in three years one of the British companies promises to send interested persons in travel to the companion of the Earth. Experts, however, doubt that the firm will have necessary means in the term declared by it.
by 2015 tourists can already make flight on the companion of the Earth. Such possibility is promised by the British company Excalibur Almaz. Expedition will occupy about half a year. Wishing to make unusual travel it is necessary to have training serious physical and psychological preparation. Flight will manage to tourists - ekstremalam in $100 million For expedition two second-hand space stations and four Soviet capsules will be used, which British have converted taking into account last achievements of the space industry. The academician of the International academy of astronautics Mark Belakovsky believes that in the long term tourist flights can promote astronautics financing.

At us a large quantity of people which would like to visit space, both inhabitants, and businessmen, and scientists. I always stand up for that businessmen put up money in astronautics as now becomes in the USA. Because the burden of financing of space flights should be not only on state shoulders, but also businessmen should participate in it. They will participate in it only if it it is favourable. One of possibilities is use of the private aerospace ships for tourism - he speaks.

however, the academician of the Russian academy of astronautics Alexander Zheleznjakov is assured that the idea cannot be carried out by 2015.

it is all such PR - the action, by 2015 yet there will be no such means which will allow to carry out flight on the Moon and returning of tourists to the Earth. They have bought returned devices. They did not intend for flights on the Moon. They have been developed in our country in 1970 - e years, have passed flight tests, but they were tested in a circumterraneous orbit. They are intended for returning of people from an orbit, but not for flights on the Moon - he speaks.

if the company plan will crown success, it will be the first disembarkation of people to the Moon since 1972. Then the piloted spaceship Apollo - 17 has made the sixth and last landing to the companion.