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Drifting innovative activity

National association of innovations and development of information technology (NAIRIT) has summed up a rating of innovative activity of regions in 2011. According to association the Nizhniy Novgorod region has taken the fourth place in the list of regions with high innovative activity, having fallen on one point in comparison with results of 2010. Have outstripped our region Moscow - a unique city with very high innovative activity the list of regions where activity is high, the Republic Tatarstan and St.-Petersburg have headed. Thus in 2010 the Nizhniy Novgorod region on rates of innovative development advanced both these of region. We will notice that the next regions such as Republic Mordovia and the Kirov region have got to the list of subjects of federation with moderate innovative activity having occupied 48 - oe and 55 - oe places accordingly. Thus Mordovia has fallen on four positions, and the Kirov region on five positions.

the rating of innovative activity NAIRIT spends annually. An overall objective, according to association, - definition of the regions showing the best indicators in the field of stimulation of development of a science and innovative sphere, and also reception of an objective picture of a current condition of sphere of innovations in Russia.