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Assanzha can place in a pre-trial detention centre for infringements of conditions of house arrest

the Founder of infamous site WikiLeaks Australian Dzhulian Assanzh can be placed under arrest for infringements of conditions of stay out of a pre-trial detention centre, transfers on June, 20th RIA News referring to agency AFP. As the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain in conversation with the agency has noted, its obligation to be during the period with 22 was every days one of conditions of a premise of Assanzha under house arrest in 2010. 00 on 08. 00 to in advance established " address;. The day before mister Assanzh was in embassy of Ecuador in London with the request for refuge granting. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of this country Rikkardo Patino has already declared that Ecuador studies and analyzes the application, and at this time Dzhulian Assanzh will be in embassy territory under protection the Ecuadorian authorities. As has informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, Assanzh while it is inaccessible For the British police as is in territory of Ecuadorian embassy. The authorities of the United Kingdom notice that work with Ecuador over the permission of a situation with Assanzhem . Founder WikiLeaks has extended the statement in which has thanked Ecuador for the consent to consider its statement. He on - former is afraid that in case of delivery of Sweden finally it will be ekstradirovan in the USA where, as he said, the death penalty for espionage can wait for it.