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Medvedev: air traffic in Russia is excessively centralised

Regional aircraft of Russia is in crisis to what distribution of the organisation of air traffic and its centralisation testifies, the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has declared on June, 20th. 56 % of all flights in Russia are served by dispatchers of the Moscow centre. It, on the one hand, creates special conditions here, but, on the other hand, this certificate of that as a whole distribution of the organisation of air traffic became much more centralised, than in Soviet period - mister Medvedev at meeting in the Moscow centre of automated management by air traffic has declared. it is, probably, not so good sign therefore as it means that our regional aircraft is in crisis, and it is that problem it will be necessary for them to be engaged - he has told. The head of the government has underlined that lately to aircraft development was given particular attention, and works are performed on its modernisation. in 2002 the federal budget spent 1 billion roubles for development of an infrastructure of the airports that practically anything, and in 2011 already 41 billion. It already much is better, but it does not mean that it is optimum figure - the prime minister has underlined. He has noticed that the aircraft is that sphere where it is impossible to stop on reached, and it is necessary to be improved constantly, transfers RIA News .