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Teachers have asked the prime minister to refuse new system of payment at schools

Leaders of pedagogical trade unions one of these days have addressed with the post card to the prime minister - to minister Vladimir Putin. They asked to refuse new system of payment at schools and to return to uniform tarifikatsionnoj to a grid. In the letter it was especially underlined that contrary to promises of the government the salary of teachers became less.

We have inspected, have lifted sheets for last three years. There is data on each surname. The salary at all teachers has grown. Why they are dissatisfied? It appears, it is unpleasant to them that their work is estimated now by colleagues, pupils, parents. A pier, earlier the state paid - let a little, but all it is identical. Also there were no problems. But work - that all on - to a miscellaneous! At one teacher children sit at a lesson, having opened mouths, and at another - miss. Someone is ready to spend personal time for the organisation of interesting out-of-class actions, and someone not begins these to be engaged. And uravnilovka in this case it is inadmissible. Here to encourage honest work, the new system of payment considering concrete achievements of the concrete teacher is created.

Yes, it is far not at all schools it while normally works. But matter is not in to system, and in civil immaturity of a society, strangely enough it will sound. After all, to make the decision on payment bonus, it is necessary to create a certain advisory body where should enter, except representatives pedkollektiva, and parents. And they, as it is known, at school rare visitors. How to convince mums and fathers of times in a month to penetrate into subtleties of pedagogical process? It after all is not simple has sat - has listened it is serious work and the big responsibility. Whether it is a lot of at us the parents, ready to take it on itself?

Besides. That the mechanism of charge of stimulating payments was absolutely transparent, it is necessary for each school to create own a price where it will be accurately registered: performance of children at competitions - is so much - that roubles, protection of methodical working out - is so much - that. Then all it will be clear, who for what has received the extra charge. Also will do without half-words and insults which so teachers are afraid.

In a word, it it is necessary to penetrate into all. And it is not enough interested persons - both at school, and behind its limits. Therefore as there is no still an understanding, what not any uncle from above, and ourselves should solve, to whom to learn our children - to the professionals, putting I smother in each lesson, or that who is not excited at all with their further destiny. From here and all problems. But whether it means, what we should refuse new system of payment? I do not think. Any new business does not go smoothly from the very beginning. There are failures, but is and impressing results. If the talented teacher began to receive on 13 thousand more than before, is after all perfectly!

So I would advise to teachers not indignant letters to dispatch, and to think... About a correction of mistakes. After all from the beginning of next academic year the new system of payment will be entered at all schools of republic. In their interests that it worked effectively.