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Dmitry Medvedev has defined an order of entering of nominees on posts of heads of regions

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has confirmed today the decree Position about an order of entering and consideration of offers on nominees on a post of the higher official (the head of the higher executive office of the government) the subject of the Russian Federation.

In the document procedure of investment by the power of the head of region is specified. According to recently accepted law, the political parties which have received the greatest quantity of voices on regional parliamentary elections, can offer the president of the candidates in governors. However, if the political party, won elections in the subject of Federation, has not used this right or has used, but with infringement of requirements of the legislation, the president defines a nominee on a post of the higher official of region on the basis of offers of the head of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. The nominee can be offered also from among the persons included in a federal reserve of administrative shots, is told in the Position confirmed by the president about candidates on a post of head of the subject of the Russian Federation.