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Vladimir Putin has scarified the government for not system legislative activity

Financially - an economic crisis to overcome together, for example within the limits of the Customs union better. But struggle against weather changes seems more difficult - for it in Russia have prepared the climatic doctrine. These and other ideas sounded on Thursday at session of presidium of the government with which work prime minister Vladimir Putin is not too happy.

it is not executed decisions Much. It means that projects poor prepare and work goes nesistemno - Vladimir Putin has acted with criticism of the subordinates. He has suggested to employ deputies of the State Duma and councillors of Federation, and also experts and representatives of public organisations to preparation of key governmental bills at the most preliminary stage. we have a practice of zero reading - it is necessary to expand it - Putin has told. I count that it will allow to raise seriously efficiency of legislative process - the head of the government has told, having added that work on legislation creation should be more open.

an openness Example - only already world - have shown in struggle against climate warming. But Vladimir Putin has written down yesterday Kiotsky arrangements in an active of victories of our country. the Kiotsky report without participation of Russia simply would not enter force - the prime minister - the minister has noticed. The head of the White house did not begin to explain long value of the climatic doctrine - it and so it is obvious. The system of the laconic argument has come to the end with a reminder about human rights on the favorable environment, fixed in the Constitution of Russia .

As to the Customs union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan the head of the government has urged to attach again to created structure of other participants of EvrAzES. We are absolutely opened and we welcome expansion three - the prime minister has declared, having underlined, what exactly integration - the best anti-recessionary recipe. While we rub to the states it is necessary to develop the customs code, blanket tariffs and system of not tariff regulation.

It seems, at yesterday`s session Vladimir Putin has wanted to capture all file of problems - from the international disorders to the governmental problems. So, this year the government will allocate two thousand awards for the state employees trained at the higher school, essentially having increased the sums in comparison with last year by 20 percent, has informed vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov. The most successful post-graduate students will receive 3600 roubles, students - 1440 roubles, and the grant of pupils of technical schools and colleges will make 840 roubles monthly. Besides it to 10 children who have achieved outstanding results in the literature, political science, journalism, will pay on one and a half thousand roubles a month.

Except trained the government has decided to help and that who has already got education and makes use of it is mountain. According to Putin, miners in a just cause to count on additional pension guarantees . And to pay extra to pensions of employees the state does not plan, giving this right to the employer through system of special payments. Thus, the size of labour pension together with surcharge will provide to miners to 40 percent of the lost earnings. These innovations will concern 32 thousand persons which have been occupied earlier on the heaviest and dangerous manufactures. But the authorities will add minzdravsotsrazvitiju more than 2,2 billion roubles on building and reconstruction of two tens district clinics and hospitals.

the Government does not plan to recede on an iota from support of the Russian enterprises. Especially when it is a question of aviabuilding branch - pride of the domestic industry. Putin has signed the decision about delivery of grants to manufacturers of engines on 360 million roubles and to branches OAK on 1 billion roubles. till now aviation factories used only one form of budgetary support, namely interest rate subsidising under credits - has told vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov. Now the White house within 5 years intends to subsidise the rate on the leasing payments designated by the agreement with the Russian companies. The new anti-recessionary measure has a retroactive effect and extends on the leasing contracts concluded since January, 1st, 2006.


At session of presidium of the government on Thursday the intergovernmental agreement with Japan about cooperation in atomic engineering has been approved, has told a source in the White house. As he said, the document will be signed during Vladimir Putin`s visit to Tokyo in the second decade of May.