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Andrey Fursenko: At high schools it is necessary to create small enterprises in the conditions of crisis

In capital of Tatarstan IV Kazan venture fair on which have been presented 40 companies possessing high rates of increase, capable to provide profitableness of the project not less than 30 annual interest rates has finished work.

According to head Minobrnauki who have arrived on a forum of the Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko, in the conditions of world financial crisis necessity of advancement of innovative projects and creation sharply increases at higher educational institutions of small enterprises. But the main thing - in other. - very many depends on the human capital, from erudition, activity and vigour of young men, - the minister has declared. - therefore, on the one hand, we need to improve quality of formation sharply. And with another to raise a level of responsibility of each person. Everyone should understand that anybody will not feed its all life from a spoon with cream of wheat.

Therefore necessity for creation of support of talented youth grows about everyone in the afternoon. Understand it and in Tatarstan: this year for the first time within the limits of fair the innovative youth forum has been organised. According to the chief executive of the Russian association of direct and venture investment of Albina Nikkonen, this tradition will be picked up also by other Russian regions.

Following the results of fair, Investment venture fund RT and the American fund of civil researches and developments CRDF has been signed the memorandum of intentions and mutual understanding. It is supposed that cooperation with CRDF will allow to overcome initial barriers on creation joint innovative start - ap the companies to come into contacts to the American investors and many other things.