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Crisis replaces Ukrainians to stolen cars

the World financial crisis forces Ukrainians to get even more often the cars stolen or illegally imported into the country. According to workers of the State car inspection, quantity of cars with interrupted numbers and the false documents, caught on the Ukrainian roads, in comparison with last year has grown several times.

All transport which has caused suspicions of workers of car inspection, is on shtrafstojankah, and with owners conversations in militia are conducted. Head a press - services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Natalia Hmelevsky explains that stolen cars are on sale, certainly, more cheaply legal therefore many run risks for the sake of economy of money (usually it makes some thousand dollars).

However there are also such buyers who do not know about the criminal past of the car. Not to become a victim of swindlers, in GAI of Ukraine recommend to buyers before to get the car under the general power of attorney - in this case the car will not be re-registered on the new owner, and it goes by proxy, - to go together with its owner in MREO (interdistrict registration - examination department) and to make examination of conformity of numbers of the car with numbers of units and knots. Such service will manage to the buyer approximately in 100 grivnas (450 roubles), however will help to avoid serious troubles, explanations in militias and losses of money. The certain way to secure itself is to re-register the car on the new owner. If with the car everything is all right, no problems do to arise, however if the seller is dishonest is quickly it becomes known.

it is necessary to notice also that last week in Kiev the international criminal grouping, throughout two years trading in stealing at inhabitants of Kiev of expensive cars - mainly to Porsche, Lexus and Toyota (these three marks became the most popular among car thieves in 2009) has been detained. Criminals stole the majority of cars from unprotected parking.