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Yury Luzhkov: Muscovites will prefer the Black Sea health resorts to overseas resorts

Readiness of the Black Sea health resorts which are in city property of Moscow, for a new summer season proinspektiroval yesterday the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov.

- Muscovites in Sochi and made before almost half having a rest, - Yury Mihajlovich to journalists has told, hardly the plane has landed at the airport of Adler. - will be even more their forthcoming summer. Having counted up, in rest during a crisis time how many will manage, the majority of families will be preferred for certain to abroad by the Russian resorts. To us, the Moscow authorities, far it is not indifferent, what conditions and their what comfort will meet Sochi.

Even the first sight at coast of Black sea has pleased the mayor: Sochi were spoilt always by an abundance of fences. And now them became much less. The road to a beach almost everywhere is free . In turn and. An island of the mayor Anatoly Pahomov has tried to dispel before Muscovites a myth about dearness of Sochi: At us a health resort very different. The cheapest - since 300 roubles for days . This year much is made for availability of Sochi to the various strata of society. In particular, the city administration has agreed with air carriers about the prices aboard the plane from Moscow to Sochi and back within 7 thousand roubles that any more was not for a long time. Besides, many sanatoria have lowered, at least, percent on 10 prices for permits. As a result, for example, in the same Moscow sanatorium the Emerald day of stay (treatment, three meals a day and residing in a double room) will manage now in 1200 roubles. But in the Emerald have a rest, for example, and veterans of the Great Patriotic War whom for last four years here it was treated more than 11 thousand persons. Their rest pays the capital budget.

Past autumn the sleeping case of this sanatorium constructed in 1974, have put on reconstruction. After it the Emerald Will open only in October. For the summer to exempts the government of Moscow has got 5,5 thousand permits in other Sochi health resorts - sanatorium Primorski Krai the Southern beach Svetlana and the USSR . A season in them, have assured Yury Luzhkov, will begin strictly under the schedule, since May, 15th.

There is at Sochi, according to the mayor of capital, one more advantage to Muscovites - prospect to become an all-the-year-round resort. He considers that preparation for the Olympic Games - 2014 will help it with it. Remember, what was Moscow to 80 - h years? - He asked inhabitants of Sochi. - the Olympic games have passed, and the sports constructions constructed to them, as well as new roads, hotels, serve Muscovites till now . Sochi very important now, by sight Luzhkov - the business executive, to shake up all city infrastructure. To construct thermal power station instead of transmission lines which are now torn under a pressure a little - malskogo a wind, to deduce the water drain far in the sea that did not poison a beach zone. To construct new roads which will relieve Muscovites of stoppers, at least for the period of holiday. Whether

the Moscow mayor Is ready to replace himself downhill skiing abroad with the Sochi Red Glade? - The correspondent has taken an interest.

- It is ready, - Yury Mihajlovich has smoothly answered. - I have visited on this mountain and was convinced that here it is not less extreme, than on the Austrian ski track.

to Help with updating of Sochi the capital is ready though now. Not without reason among participants of competition on the right of building of the main Olympic stadium one of the leading Moscow firms, known for the experience of monolithic housing construction appears. ahead at Sochi with Moscow many interesting joint projects - Anatoly Pahomov considers. That a word to support with business, the city administration of Sochi and the government of Moscow have signed the report on cooperation in sphere of rest, sports, tourism.