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The Russian elite is fenced off from simple citizens by fences and the high prices

the Stenocardia both in medical, and in social sense of a word - illness. Has character of an attack, has accurately expressed time of occurrence and the termination. Arises under certain conditions, starts to abate under the influence of nitroglycerine (explosive. - a comment red .) .

the Russian elite is fenced off from plebeians by fences or the high prices for habitation: the rublevki is even in settlements of city type. But isolation is especially harmful for such big and ill-matched on riches - natural, demographic, social - the countries, sociologists consider. The society sees in it danger to a civilisation.

Prestigious addresses were always, and the elite always aspired to catch them. Without borders (read - fences, barriers, walls) not to manage. They, as it is known, structure spaces and form a generality: poor - rich, the East - the West, townspeople - peasants, local - visitors. But the them it is more, the it is more than outcasts - those who could not find itself(himself) in one of prigranichy. It turns out that rich citizens of any settlement work on, that dangerous for their quiet life of elements bred more and more.

- to Build fences in own country? Social problems only will be aggravated, - the well-known pictorialist Ekaterina Rozhdestvensky considers. - remember a film where thus grew up dangerous zombies? What for to create conditions that they have appeared in our society? Life of our children depends on the quiet relation between social groups. Therefore these questions need to pay the most steadfast attention. After all that who will construct a fence round the house, the special school for its child, then - special institute then is required, and following this logic - and special, any unusually safe country.

Sociologists consider that the segregation is given rise by our tacit consent on isolation risk groups . That occurs in world big cities - by means of walls or is more civilised, - is called as an unpleasant word a ghettoization .

Meanwhile the modern middle class refuses To pay solidarity in a society.

Writer Yury Poljakov is assured what to solve social problems of a city at the expense of middle class isolation is unreal. In its opinion, a ghetto absurdly and socially, and politically.

- the situation when in present period at present technical heights of a city search for medieval ways of the decision of social problems Is strange. It is all already was: a medieval city in which for the night gate locked and expelled all negorozhan. The segregation is a symptom of the base contradiction of a modern civilisation. Probably, to get rid of fashionable contradictions, continuing to live under those laws on which we live now, it is impossible. And notorious crisis - to that acknowledgement.

By the way, with Poljakovym social geographers, scientific, investigating changes of a city and rural landscape from the point of view of social problems agree also. For big and ill-matched on riches - natural, demographic and social - the countries - a segregation, isolation also class - it is insalubrious. Borders in the most different values of this word at us and without that suffices.

- Isolation of any areas and groups especially monstrously for sew the countries, - the writer continues. It goes much and sees, how segregation process goes to Russia. - has just returned from Tobolsk where was on the prime minister of the play Schoolmates . It just also is devoted an erection problem fences . One of my heroes on evening of meetings speaks: Well what we schoolmates? Schoolmates are people of one class, and we became for a long time raznoklassnikami: one lives on Rublevke, another - the beggar, the third - the begging father to whom it is necessary as - that to contain arrival...

- In country towns it is well visible, as pre-revolutionary or Soviet Khruschev`s building suddenly breaks and opens a nest of the European well-being . All it while in embryo. And zazabornaja life only emotionally is a source of inconvenience for usual townspeople. nests it is possible to go round, they yet so often select at inhabitants access to beaches, in wood grounds and so forth. But the further, the it will be more difficult to resolve social contradictions. To me progress of refusal of the social state is not clear that in the country has appeared 10 thousand families which can construct to itself a medieval castle. It is a deadlock way for the Russian statehood.

Elena Novoselova


Is not present the best way for the British to provide to itself a personal security and comfortable existence in dangerous jungle of a megacity, rather than to grow rich and get habitation in elite area.

the Iron Curtain between those who possesses a thick purse, and those who is ready to attempt upon it, arises thus in itself - hidden, but rather reliable and powerful. This curtain is the big money.

poorly earning, and the more to the jobless declassed element, inclined it is frequent to pravonarushitelnoj activity, to do in such areas there is resolutely nothing. England, the country with long history of the stable social way, not knowing for last centuries revolutions, civil wars, for a long time has already placed all on the places: the rich and well-founded live in one areas, poor and nizhesrednie - in others. The mess in this business happens extremely seldom. Poor British, and especially poor immigrants, not in a condition even to dream of habitation purchase in expensive area. They and basically extremely seldom visit in smart quarters of type of London Najtsbridzha or Mejfera because here all is too expensive for them resolutely. Shops, restaurants, dry-cleaners and hairdressing salons were fenced off from needy British some kind of in zone factor cutting needy under full a zero .

For this reason everyone plays strictly within the sandboxes . Walking where - nibud in areas of mass palace building of type Eton - square or Ridzhent - park, it is difficult to imagine in general to itself presence in London poverty as that. Meanwhile sometimes it is necessary to take a step of half-kilometre length aside from safe area - and here already here as faceless mushrooms of concrete high-rise buildings " here rise; social habitation . So call in Britain the free mansion allocated with regional councils to needy immigrants and own bednovatym to citizens. In these court yard teenagers in the hoods pulled over eyes often scurry about. Continually there are policemen.

Such myceliums have arisen on strawberry glades of well-being not casually: disputes have been brought here from giving of the old sample of the labour governments. Coming to power, labourites hastened to introduce the potential voter in the places of residence of supporters of conservative party - for conservatives in Britain former years more prosperous voted, as a rule. Margaret Thatcher has made in due time a decisive step in advantage vykorchevyvanija these myceliums : British premersha has allowed to redeem social dwellings in a private property. Rich inhabitants of elite areas have immediately begun powerful operation on replacement strangers From the sandbox, buying up at needy them social houses and apartments for very decent money.

Contrary to the English slogan my house - my fortress outwardly houses of British remind a fortress least. An elegant fence, hardly above your knee, and wide open open gate are capable to guide at suspicion that access to dwelling is widely opened not only for the postman or the supplier of a pizza. However impression erroneous. Practically on each house the alarm system is established the newest generation, set of houses have at an entrance door of the chamber of external supervision. The police reacts on arriving of podvergshegosja to intrusion of the house a signal immediately: when recently in underground garage of my house has wrongly worked signalitsija, bobbi appeared on a threshold exactly in three minutes.

In the British houses grouped in a uniform housing estate, often there is a whole service on protection of safety with the office in a complex. In such developmente lives in London and your correspondent. Protection draws duty regularly, discouraging the fact of the presence to come on a visit at uninvited visitors. However for long time of the residing in this place I never saw not only checks of documents at people coming here from the party (to demand documents without the most serious occasion in Britain it is impossible by definition), but at all did not hear a question - to whom go. If the visitor owing to any reasons raises at doubts protection, its movement will attentively trace the chambers established continually and if something happens will address for necessary explanations.

Britain thus softly hides The class essence and a social inequality after centuries the fulfilled good manners and high culture of a life. However in a mouth of the British society - if to take it as a whole - from such halvah becomes more sweet not. A watershed between rich and poor in today`s Britain it is unprecedented it is great. The social inequality is accurately fixed by postal indexes of area of residing. The richest districts of capital, such as Keneri Uorf in London Doklende, are proud of that 18 percent of their residents have podushevoj the income more than in 100 thousand pounds sterling year. In the poorest areas more than half of inhabitants have on the guilty soul the income in 10 times less. Inhabitants of rich London area Kensington end Chelsea live on the average for 10 years longer, than inhabitants of industrial Manchester.

Being afraid of robbery from possible Robin of the Buzzing, and also having got tired a megacity as that, well-founded Londoners have already started to migrate for a long time far away from the city centre, in removed on an hour - one and a half drivings suburbs. Therefore by this time the card of the Greater London accurately enough is divided to a property sign: the most prosperous areas are suburbs, the poorest - the central London.

Mezha passes, however, not only to a monetary sign, but also on the national. Reminding by confusion of languages the Babel tower, London as a matter of fact it is divided into ethnic communities: the black British who have moved from the countries of Caribbean basin, live mainly in southern suburb Brikston. Natives live In area Edzhvia Roud from the Near East. In the north of London, in Golders Green, the big Jewish community lives.

However that integration raznoplemennyh new arrived to the British society of which the authorities prederzhashchie dreamt, actually has not occurred: everyone lives in itself. Happen between youth and teenagers various London tribes and military operations. Fences and the more walls in London it is not visible. And the city, meanwhile, is divided.

Olga Dmitriev


Though and in country capital - progenitresses of human rights which - where operate the unwritten laws.

It is thought, mrachnovato Paris, this " would look; light city And the country capital - progenitresses of human rights if by an example of some Latin American megacities here began to put up walls between rich and not so areas and suits posts, that common people to keep at distance. The people of it obviously would not understand, and the opposition would make such noise that it would not seem to anybody a little.

Nevertheless it does not mean at all that in Paris there is no urbanistic stratification, will tell so, to a social sign. Men of means always gravitated to the central and western areas, such as, let us assume, 7 - j district that near to Tour d`Eiffel, or 16 - j, adjoining on Bois de Boulogne. Here even there are zones closed for strangers where from the XIX-th century middle rich men lodged. Among them, perhaps, the most known carries the name the Country house of Monmoransi . As a matter of fact it is buried in verdure quarter from hundred private residences and houses not above three floors. It is located in 10 minutes of walking from the well-known Parisian tennis complex Rolan Garros also occupies the space where - that about one square kilometre. Billionaires live in this secluded corner, platform stars. However, there are people and is more modest - from those to whom the habitation has got by right of succession, and in monetary elite it was not possible to make the way.

And so, in bowels Country houses of Monmoransi it is possible to get only through one of three gate. On graceful shod iron peaks the tablet " hangs; the Private property, the input is forbidden strangers . Behind that this rule was observed, observe konserzhi. Certainly, there are videocameras. There are two more security guards. However, thieves here visited only some times. And if guys of the African origin also brawl, as a rule, at home, on city suburbs.

Though recently inhabitants of a country house have taken alarm: Nearby the city authorities, and socialists there fill, have decided to construct some houses of social habitation. Of the capital mayoralty, however, are convinced that a city - a live and many-sided organism, and therefore it is necessary to struggle in the most active image with a social apartheid. From here and local plans in the prestigious West of Paris. It is clear that such approach not all on customs, and first of all to inhabitants of rich quarters, but it is difficult to resist to municipality. In the same place consider that in mixture of different levels of population irrespective of financial position, ethnic roots - the future and cities, and the countries.

Frenchmen with shudder remember youth revolts of autumn of 2005 when polyhnuli unsuccessful suburbs where, we will tell so, cook in own juice natives basically from the former colonies. One of measures which have been developed for mine clearing these areas, consists in the following: gradually to take down local Khruschev`s cheap habitation, and the people to settle so that to avoid type concentration of potentially explosive population.

Vyacheslav Prokofiev

a situation

the Sensational case

After falling of the Berlin wall seemed to many Europeans that any city in the world will not be divided any more by artificial partitions. Inhabitants of other continent far from Europe have judged differently. With that only a difference that on change to ideological opposition division social now has come.

In vicinities of the Argentina capital Buenos - Ajresa has begun erection of a wall which will separate poor suburb the Dignity - Fernando from is richogo the Dignity - Isidro. The initiator of building as it is easy to guess, the management of more prestigious municipality has acted. Local authorities named this decision a compulsory measure which will help to cope with attacks of robbers from slums on prestigious areas.

Extent of a put up wall should make 1,5 kilometres, height - three metres. According to a management the Dignity - Isidro, these parametres should suffice to beat off at unsuccessful social elements desire to profit at the expense of more successful neighbours.

Similar statement of a question has caused rough protests from inhabitants the Dignity - Fernando. They have rushed with sledge hammers on those not numerous sites of a wall which have already been constructed. Was not possible when to break the stone obstacle, they have covered with drawings its slogans We same, as they!

Inhabitants the Dignity - Fernando have demanded from the authorities not to arrange a ghetto for poor, and to increase quantity of policemen in streets. However the mayor the Dignity - Isidro Gustavo Posse has promised that will finish conceived up to the end, despite a judgement which has forbidden recently wall building.

However, it is not excluded that rich and happy nevertheless it is necessary to refuse the scandalous initiative. Its opponents already managed to get support of the president of Argentina of Christina Kirshner. At a meeting with Posse the head of the state named ground plans a social apartheid .

Thus it is necessary to notice that the Dignity - Isidro - is far the power not the first to whom has come to mind to be fenced off from slums by means of a strong and high fence. As the Brazilian businessman George Luis Silva de has told Barselush, the similar idea was born for a long time already by the authorities Rio - de - Zhanejro. And in March of this year it has been decided to start building.

According to the plan of local authorities, behind a fencing there will be 40 poorest disctricts of the city, so-called favel round which it is supposed to build concrete protections in height of 3 and 5 metres.

Officials assert that they simply try to keep the woods surrounding with Rio - de - Zhanejro: the city population grows literally every day, people, basically poor men, from all ends of the country here are flown down. at this project - a large quantity of opponents, and not only in poor, but also in rich social classes, - Silva de has told Barselush. - Here perfectly understand that building a ghetto social problems not to solve .

Darya Jureva

Sarajevo - Kosovska Mitrovitsa

There is an exit from a ghetto

Kosovan Serbs are separated from new owners of edge of Albanians not only a dense fence from a barbed wire, but also other walls - political. Now Serbs prepare for pogroms.

Still one year ago in February 2008 - go on streets of Northern Mitrovitsa daily left thousand Kosovan Serbs. First roughly scanned, and then only silently stood with posters: We cannot live in a ghetto we do not want to live in the Serbian reservation . Unfortunately, already then nobody listened to these people. For new owners of edge of Albanians they were only annoying reminder on a recent history.

has since then passed many days. However in life of the Serbian national minority a little that has changed. The river Ibr on - former divides Kosovan Mitrovitsa into two irreconcilable camps, and borders of the Serbian enclaves protect now not only military men of the NATO, but also the European policemen. Meanwhile people are compelled and to live further behind a dense fence from a barbed wire. The Serbian children go to school only under the strengthened support.

And all this time among Serbs does not cease fear for new attacks from the south. As informs the authoritative Belgrad edition the Voice javnosti already in the nearest future there can be mass attacks on Serbs on all territory of Kosovo. Under the fulfilled plan of collision will begin in the north, in village Brdzhani in vicinities of Kosovan Mitrovitsa. Here building of ten houses for Albanians against what Serbs living in the neighbourhood strongly object is planned.

Authors of the bloody scenario are assured that if private protection of the Albanian builders will start to shoot on holding a meeting Serbs, those will by all means open reciprocal fire. It also will mean the beginning of full-scale armed conflict in Kosovan Mitrovitsa.

Vladimir Belousov