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The prime minister of Thailand has cancelled a mode of state of emergency in Bangkok

the Prime minister - the minister of Thailand Apisit Vetchachiva has declared that will remove today   the mode of state of emergency in Bangkok, declared on April, 12th after mass protest actions of opposition, informs RIA Novosti news agency referring to France Presse agency.

allocation in March the government to 9 million nizkooplachivaemyh Thai workers of the help at a rate of 2 thousand batov became the Occasion to start protests of the Thai opposition (55 dollars) to everyone on purpose to stimulate economy against world crisis. The opposition named it payoff .

Today I intend to remove a mode of state of emergency. At first I wanted to declare it in the morning (on Thursday), but for a midnight and it turns out that new day " has come; - the prime minister at meeting in parliament has declared.

we Will remind, from - for mass demonstrations carrying out in the city of Pattaya of the summit of Association of the countries Jugo - East Asia in which leaders of five more countries - Australia should take part, India, China, New Zealand and South Korea on April, 10th has been cancelled.

Then excitements were threw to Bangkok. About 50 demonstrators have broken in a building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Thailand. During disorders in Bangkok two persons were lost, 120 have got wounds.