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As a result of large road accident on the Warsaw highway in Moscow five persons

in 5 were lost Today. 03 on crossing of the Warsaw highway and the Sumy journey (Southern administrative district of Moscow) three cars have faced. Five persons were lost, one in a grave condition is delivered in one of city hospitals.

As the employee of department of propagation of traffic police of Moscow Maxim Galushko has explained to the correspondent, at movement on the Warsaw highway from the Sumy journey towards the Balaklavsky prospectus the car driver BMW 54 - h the summer Muscovite, has made departure on an oncoming traffic strip. Around 116 houses on the Warsaw highway its car has faced with   moving towards the car Renault Logan and then slanting blow of a reserve   going towards the Sumy journey Opel . As early in the morning in capital movement was not strained, speeds of all participants of movement exceeded 60 kilometres per hour, admissible   traffic regulations for movement on a city.

the failure Result is not consolatory, the driver and two passengers BMW corpses, as well as the driver with the passenger of a motor vehicle Renault Logan - has explained Galushko. - And the driver Opelja it is delivered in City hospital 36 with heavy cranial - brain traumas, a brain concussion and crisis of the bottom jaw .

doctors estimate the Condition of the victim as heavy, but stable. For extraction of five corpses and the victim on a place of accident the brigade of rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia left.

Besides three deformed foreign cars, damages were received also by two cars parked on the even party of the Warsaw prospectus. However, the damages received by these cars - insignificant.