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Proofs on Khodorkovsky and Lebedev`s business are investigated without the press

Yesterday by journalists remained without process video translation over Khodorkovsky and Lebedev. The screen have disconnected temporarily under the state charge petition.

As has explained to journalists the head a press - services of Moscow City Court Anna Usachyov, such restrictions are undertaken to exclude information leakage for witnesses.

It means that now in court the most interesting begins. Whether the charges shown to two former oligarchs will prove to be true, depends on, whether witnesses and how much their indications begin to differ that is written in financial documents " will be confused in the indications; YUKOS and Menatepa .

But yesterday the court, seemingly, and has not started research of written documents, was not accordingly and interrogation of witnesses. During the break declared by court it became known that Khodorkovsky, Lebedev and their lawyers have declared petitions for tap to two of four state accusers. Accused have asked to clean from process of public prosecutors of Lahtina and Shokhin.

the First process over eks - head YUKOS Khodorkovsky and eks - head Menatepa with Lebedev concerned basically non-payments of taxes. Then inspectors said that it is the most simple in dokazyvanii episodes of their criminal activity. Therefore - that business by the first has been sent in court. On other episodes and structures of a crime inspectors have intentionally left investigation of activity of oligarchs on then. Investigation of financial frauds and smart schemes of larceny of actives and oil demanded the highest qualification of inspectors and time. Thus the tactical scheme has been chosen: at first investigation and court on non-payment of taxes, and then investigation of the most difficult affairs. That is the second business and the second court which now pass in Hamovnichesky court, was born at all suddenly.

But such scheme had an essential lack - time. It worked not on a consequence because many structures of a crime have limitation periods. For example, on one episode the limitation period already left in the end of the last year. Inspectors understood it, and for a long time already said that protection of the accused will try to tighten litigation. On the second episode the limitation period expires in the summer of this year.

Thus, it is possible to understand, why at each session there would be like strange and even comical things. How Khodorkovsky declared one of these days, to it terms in the bill of particulars are not clear. And now here tap to public prosecutors. All is lawful cunnings and as a matter of fact legal strategy of protection. So while it is not clear, when the court will get to the bottom of proofs.

While the consequence considers established that accused of structure of the organised group in 1998 - 2003 have stolen by assignment of large volumes of oil of affiliated oil-extracting joint-stock companies NK YUKOS - Samaraneftegaz Yuganskneftegaz and Tomskneft VNK for the sum more than 892 billion roubles. Also they are suspected of legalisation of money resources in the large size, received from realisation of the stolen oil for a total sum, exceeding 487 billion roubles and 7,5 billion dollars. Criminal case materials make 186 volumes.