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Svetlana Bahmina has returned to native

Eks - the lawyer YUKOS Svetlana Bahmina in which relation the court past week has passed the decision about conditional - an early release, on Monday left on freedom, friend Bahminoj Denis Siljutin has informed.

As he said, some hours ago, during lunch time the husband has taken away it home, and already with the passport and the inquiry on clearing it is in the bosom of the family. He has added that, probably, after a while Bahmina will want to make a statement. but not within the next few days, I think, it is not necessary it while to disturb, let will stay with a family - Siljutin has told.

Bahminoj condemned in 2006 for 6,5 years of imprisonment for plunder of property Tomskneft it was possible to receive conditionally - an early release from the fourth attempt. She has had time to leave more than two thirds of punishment defined to it. It submitted inquiry about conditional - an early release which rejected Zubovo - Half-Jansky court of Mordovia and once the Supreme court of republic twice three times. In the beginning of March its petition has been redirected to the Moscow court which and has made on April, 21st the decision on clearing.

RIA Novosti news agency.