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The army of the unemployed in Russia will soon replenish with recruits

550   roubles     daily within three months plus payment of the railway ticket - the White house intends to offer the unemployed the next stimulus to work and earnings searches on country open spaces.

But to raise the unemployment benefit officials do not gather not to encourage in citizens laziness. Though, as recognised a source in the White house, on the present unemployment benefit it is impossible to live. The maximum size of the grant in Russia makes 4900 roubles a month. Minimum - 850 roubles. Such state help obviously is not calculated on that on it to live, without working. it is not necessary to stimulate jobless citizens to continue to stand on the account in the employment centres, and, on the contrary, citizens should go for time it time and public works, it is necessary to move, instead of to be at a stop - the interlocutor of the newspaper considers. On a question why in a number of the western countries of the power give such unemployment benefit on which it is possible to live actually, the official has declared that personally these countries it is a pity to it.

Meanwhile, by data minzdravsotsrazvitija, 738 thousand persons are under risk of dismissal, and 1,3 million more work under the incomplete schedule - 2 - 3 days in a week. At many enterprises manufacture is suspended, employees are sent in indefinite leaves. And the situation is adverse even in those companies to which the state actively helps from the budget, by all means demanding to keep working collectives. However, officials have decided not to wait for favour from employers and have thought up how to support the dismissed. According to the source, the government opens unprecedented possibility - temporarily to found a job or even to pass a training for a new profession, to receive a new speciality during free time from work. In total professional retraining within the limits of federal and regional programs can pass 216 thousand persons, and for 1 million 72 thousand persons will create time workplaces. For example, workers of the enterprises can do the cleaning in territory, manufacture re-equipment. that is not painted - will be painted that was dark blue - becomes yellow where there was a disorder and scrap metal - becomes pure and blagoustroenno - has underlined a source. And this work will be paid.

- Here scientists speak to us: you preserve pseudo-employment, and it is dangerous to economy - the high-ranking official argues. - and if the citizen will not have a work, there will be no money, what then? Then struggle against alcoholism, with kriminogennoj a situation is necessary to us...

Despite depressing tendencies, the government does not plan while to reconsider the forecast on official unemployment in 2009. If present rates of increase of unemployment remain and there will be no unexpected negative changes like financial problems in the autumn we will keep within indicators of 2,6 million unemployed, on the average, during the current year - the interlocutor of the newspaper has declared.

has However, noted a source, rates of a gain of the unemployed decrease. If in January - February every week the unemployed increased on 100 thousand persons now weekly work is lost by 23,5 thousand persons. The difficult situation in this sphere develops in Ural Mountains, in Siberia, the Vologda and Tver areas. Only in the Chelyabinsk area growth of the unemployed for half a year - from October till April - has made 300 percent. The interlocutor has reminded that before crisis in Russia record-breaking low rate of unemployment - 1,2 million person, or 1,6 percent of economically active population of the country has been registered.

Anyway, but the army of the unemployed will soon replenish with recruits. About 13 percent of graduates of high schools and professional educational institutions this year will not find work - such is the forecast of the Ministry of Education and Science. In this connection the government prepares special measures on granting for young men of time workplaces and the organisation for them training. According to the state program, time employment will receive about 50 thousand present students that practically covers that zone of risk about which heads of regions " speak to us;. As the official has explained, the employer should organise to the graduate practice passage, reception of additional qualification is free, on account of the future salary for three months. The white house also counts and on the organisation of a considerable quantity of workplaces at carrying out of global buildings in the country - for the Olympic Games in Sochi and summit ATES. Today at session commissions minekonomrazvitija will be given, minregionu to define quantity of vacancies in these state projects.

Thus, the one who will not find work in the area, can move on other residence and there try the luck. In the government are ready to sponsor moving on the country. Such possibility, according to the source, can use about 16 thousand persons. For them, it has explained, compensate journey to a new place of work by rail and within three months will give out 550 roubles a day on habitation payment. Thus the source has not excluded that in a case if the citizen and will not manage to found a job and to be fixed on a new place, the government can finance and its return moving.

By the way, to the compatriots moving from other countries, essential indemnification is paid. The state program on assistance rendering to voluntary resettlement to Russia the compatriots living abroad, helps its participants with moving and primary arrangement, including in registration of the legal and social status, granting of work, municipal and pension service, preschool, school, vocational training. To immigrants pay journey, give out elevating of calculation 40 - 60 thousand roubles plus 15 - 20 thousand on each member of a family, and also the grant at a rate of 50 percent from a living wage in region till the employment moment. According to FMS, in 2008 about 10 thousand compatriots have abroad moved to Russia within the limits of state program realisation. For all 2007 to the Russian Federation have moved from - for a boundary only 682 compatriots.

the Most enterprising jobless citizens can to extend from a state purse a grant in 60 thousand roubles on opening of own business. By data minzdravsotsrazvitija, already about 50 thousand potential businessmen have put in corresponding statements in the employment centres. Meanwhile, to receive such grant, it is necessary to protect the business - the project. Besides, for the future businessman will arrange tests which will help to define, whether the candidate is capable of grant to spend it efficiently.

By the way

the Forthcoming period for the Russian economy will be difficult, but an economic collapse will not take place: anti-recessionary measures of the government bring positive results, and the program of modernisation of economy calculated till 2020 will certainly be executed. A press - the secretary of the prime minister Dmitry Peskov has declared it on Friday in radio station interview the Voice of Russia . As he said, decrease by the Central Bank of the rate of refinancing on 0,5 points to 12,5 percent testifies to trust growth to national currency and reduction of speculative moods in the market.

Sand it is convinced that crisis only has rallied a tandem Medvedev - Putin, and hearings about intensity in relations of the president and premieres - the minister are attempts of enemies to find something nonexistent . the Mister the president, the mister of premieres - the minister, the cabinet work absolutely in a unison and work very well - considers a press - the secretary.