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Vyacheslav Bykov: Each of goalkeepers has the right to be the core

Each hockey player who has lodged in four-stars Bern hotel Allegro in five minutes from an old city, has received as a gift a small chocolate from the owner of hotel and the advertising leaflet with the offer … to visit games 73 - go the World championship.

Vyacheslav Arkadevich, admit, and sweet, probably, have already eaten? - my question to the head coach of Russian national team Vyacheslav Bykovu, has forced that to stop and with a smile to parry: you about what? What chocolate? And that, in number there was a chocolate!? I did not eat anything, but I will necessarily find and I will put by. Let to the ending will lie down! the phrase of the head coach has caused an approving rumble in our hockey players who have led yesterday the second match in the world championship against Frenchmen. Unfortunately, at the moment of number signing   in the press the result of game was not known.

However very few people doubted the next confident victory of operating world champions. We will remind that there have begun the World championship Russians with assured - 5:0 against Germans. played well, but it is a lot of pizhonili - Vyacheslav Bykova`s capacious comment as well as possible reflects that occurred on ice postfinansareny during three periods.

it is interesting that the goalkeeper of a command of Germany Dmitry Pattsold was very happy with itself. The goalkeeper bundesmanshaft born in Ust - Kamenogorske perfectly well speaks on - russki. In last season Dmitry tried the forces in situated near Moscow the Hero . But Pattsold of has not found in Russia and has returned home.

After game of Pattsold so has commented on the championship beginning specially for readers:

- We have lost to one of the world strongest teams. That only five washers not have passed and is bad. Ahead at us matches against Frenchmen and Swisses and there we will solve the local problems. And to a team of Russia I wish good luck. Greetings transfer!

Bulls lives on the Washington time

And still, with conclusions concerning the successful beginning of tournament the head coach of Russian national team has asked not to hasten:

- you understand that the first game on tournament is not so indicative. We have won, but thus our command looks a little syrovato . Though the spirit on game deserves only a praise - hockey performed by Russian national team was pleasant to spectators. It is we all heard.

: you also have mentioned that ours quite often pizhonili . With what it is connected?

Vyacheslav Bykov: When it became clear that Germans cannot change a picture in a match, we have caught it and in attack even more often played, missed the absolute moments. I understand that is difficult to force to give all the best a national team for hundred percent in already won match. But thus I am important for informing to everyone that in the subsequent meetings of this self-calmness should not be. Especially in matches plej - off. Though to them still it is necessary to finish.

RG: you have doubts?

Bulls: I Hope that such doubts are not present at anybody. We world champions also are obliged to support high reputation, to be one step away ahead of all the others. But it is the World championship and to rest on laurels will give nobody. Especially to champions! It is assured that with the same Swisses to us it will be uneasy. And at the subsequent stages of a command will become only stronger. The history knows many examples when favourites not solono hlebavshi went home. I it constantly am insolent in a head.

RG: All of us count on replenishment from NHL, and you?

Bulls: Certainly we count! We wait for result of a match Washington . Actually I live on the American time (laughs). However, we have quite balanced national team which can already achieve the good results.

RG: Goalkeeper Bryzgalov has played on a zero . However in a command still there is Koshechkin and Eremenko to whom practice &hellip also is necessary;

Bulls: Decisions we will accept directly ahead of each game. Each of goalkeepers has the right to be the core. Bryzgalov played the first as has experience of game in NHL, and has proved that we knowingly have relied on it. But ahead the big distance also can still change.

RG: what our command lives in one hotel with teams of the USA, Switzerland and Sweden to you is unusual?

Bulls: Crisis affects, not differently (smiles). Yes is not present, we the friend - the friend know for a long time, in hotel, during a breakfast will tell: Greetings - greetings also have then run up. Normally, in general.

RG: Before a match with Frenchmen it became clear that from - for foot traumas Anton Volchenkov cannot take part in tournament. How will solve a problem?

Bulls: For a national team such incidents always as the bucket of cold water, especially when is a question of players of defence. But the verdict of doctors is unequivocal - Anton has left till the end of the championship. While we will manage those who is declared. We will look further - including for ocean …

Under one roof

that the majority of national teams live in the World championship nearby with each other, organizers have explained rather in an original way. There are the cities accepting tournament cannot brag of enough of hotels of level 4 - 5 stars.

However, according to local analysts, it is a question that the international federation of hockey and organising committee have simply decided to save. Not a secret that in the same volleyball participants of World league live in one hotel and anything - perfectly feel, and the economy turns out solid. However, hockey players and football players have always been spoilt by attention slightly more than others. But today, when on a court yard world financial crisis not to fat. In the neighbourhood with teams of Russia, the USA, Sweden and Switzerland live commands of Germany and Austria (they have preferred four-stars Hotel Bern and here Lithuania and France has stopped the choice on hotel Ambassador . As a rating in four stars. As to the prices for placing on the average, residing of each hockey player manages in 250 francs a day.

it is interesting that the national teams, playing Zurich, have appeared choosier. All national teams have preferred hotels five stars in Klotene, near to ice arena. Finns live together with Slovaks, Czechs share a meal with Norwegians and Byelorussians, Hungarians with Danes a little have at some distance stopped. A unique national team which lives in the World championship separately - Canadians. Not subtly, judging by bookmaker rates Maple leaves are favourites of tournament. On them rates make one to three, to Russia one to five, Swedes - one to seven go the third.

the Cow on ice

a World championship Talisman is a cow of Kuli. The name has been chosen from English Class . Simple Swiss fan Robert Genen who has won competition from more than two and a half thousand drawings became the founder of a talisman. According to organizers of tournament, Kuli personifies the basic lines of the Swiss life and character. For example sense of humour, an active way of life and solicitous attitude to the nature. However, before the World championship special marketing researches have stopped organizers from release of the big talismans (over 40 centimetres). And so, for a cow ask from 10 to 50 francs and they disperse as hot pies.

In obnimku with a talisman quite often see the minister of sports of Switzerland Uli Maurera.

the Functionary has told that Switzerland has begun for a long time already seriously prepares for the World championship - last year here presented a silver coin in honour of hockey, in it special marks which, according to Maurera become the present gift to collectors prepare for release. However, now the most important thing game:

- I Hope that commands will show all the best, on what they are capable! We for them tried, let they will answer the same!