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The African plague can create serious problems for the Russian exporters of fodder grain and meat

Distribution of a virus of the African plague of pigs in the south of Russia can create serious problems for the Russian exporters of fodder grain and meat. It in the end of last week was declared by the head of Federal Agency of veterinary and fytosanitory supervision Sergey Dankvert.

At pessimistic succession of events fodder grain can be excluded from export for 100 percent, and the interdiction for export of pork and other meat will last for decades, transfers words of head Rosselhoznadzora Interfax.

As have explained in the Russian grain union, a virus of the African plague of the infected pigs or as it still name illnesses montgomeri letuch, and dangers first of all are exposed grain crops. The infection extends through a forage, pastures, transport. Insects, birds of prey and animals, dogs can be virus carriers, but they do not catch, the same as both people. Treatment and a vaccine are not developed. So to struggle with this virus it is possible only one way - to destroy sick animals and to declare quarantine. By the way, in 1970 - h years illness montgomeri has destroyed all livestock of pigs in Cuba.

Nevertheless as consider in the Grain union while special danger to export deliveries of fodder grain is not present. As a rule, on quarantine are put the local centres. And even if veterinary surgeons will close all South of Russia pure regions will provide with fodder the half-world . While its share in deliveries is abroad insignificant. Another matter, food grain - a leading position of the Russian export. If distribution of illness not to stop, the Russian government on representation minselhoza will be compelled to enter itself the moratorium on export, experts assume. At least it is ordered by the international arrangements.

In the meantime, according to head Rosselhoznadzora, in 2008 from the African plague in Russia already was lost more than 55 thousand pigs. There is a danger that from the South of Russia in the near future the virus can be thrown on the Voronezh and Belgorod areas. Also it is yet known, how business will go further. When in 1977 scale epidemic has happened in the Odessa area, has reminded Dankvert, and was lost 410 thousand pigs, consequences of this flash were marked beyond Ural Mountains.

the interdepartmental commission on prevention of distribution of the African plague of pigs in territory of Russia is now created. Infection flashes are registered in the Chechen Republic, the North Ossetia, the Stavropol and Krasnodar edges, the Rostov and Orenburg areas.