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Deputies of the State Duma demand guarantees of performance of the anti-recessionary plan

the State Duma again has declared the support of a course of the Russian government on overcoming of the crisis phenomena in national economy.

On Friday deputies at last have accepted the decision about the cabinet report for 2008 with which prime minister Vladimir Putin has acted on Ohotnij rjad on April, 6th. More than two weeks it was required to people`s choices on meditation then to ascertain - government activity in 2008 it was carried out in the conditions of world economy recession . And to promise from its part high rates works on the priority bills providing realisation of anti-recessionary measures of the government of the Russian Federation for 2009 . For such decision the fraction " has voted only; an United Russia .

the Opposition, probably, has already begun to enjoy. And on many questions of principle acts solidary. Even the liberal - democrats it is underlined are discharged of the Duma majority, preferring not to vote at all. Though for an explanation of the position find the special motives, not coinciding that put forward left .

Deputies of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, for example, have been disappointed by that in the decision there were no estimations. In fraction Fair Russia are convinced that the State Duma should approach to the report and the anti-recessionary program is more critical. And to offer the bills which should be accepted. Instead of to stamp only that arrive from the White house. And in general, according to Oksana Dmitrievoj, it is necessary to establish more precisely the diagnosis - at us not financial crisis, and economic . And then could treat more correctly.

Generally crisis at us not in economy, and in heads, and it distinctly shows behaviour of opposition, - Natalia Ermakova (" has declared; an United Russia ) . - Instead of uniting and operating with a uniform harmonious command, deputies of these fractions compete with each other for the next political points . By words Ermakovoj, acting with the report in the State Duma, prime minister Vladimir Putin has convincingly proved, what exactly successes of the Russian economy in 2008 have allowed it to sustain the first wave of crisis . But in what force of the decision? - Sergey Ivanov (LDPR), ready to search for the answer between lines of the text which has gone in on one and a half pages was perplexed. - yes, Putin acted, we asked questions. And what have given out on - mountain?

the Duma minority has refused to support on Friday and other decision of chamber connected with interaction of the State Duma and the government. After the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has criticised ministerial officials that they slowly prepare podzakonnye certificates, and for this reason the necessary, already passed laws stay idle, United Russia party members Have solved to accelerate process by the amendment in regulations - the third reading of socially significant bills probably only after receipt in the State Duma of the information that projects necessary podzakonnyh certificates are brought in the government. But, according to communists, this procedural norm will even more brake process. The third, definitive reading of important bills it is necessary to wait too long. we want to try this rigid enough design that any law which directly concerns the citizen, did not leave the State Duma and did not subscribe the president until will be full clearness as it will be applied and how to be realised, - has explained doubting an essence of procedural amendments the first vitse - the speaker of the lower chamber Oleg Morozov. Also has added: - That in it bad?

Frosts at all does not understand behaviour of opposition. For the last years I do not remember any large political initiative proceeding from the president or the parliamentary majority which was supported by opposition. Refuse under any pretexts. Even then, when abundantly clear that the given legislative initiative goes on advantage of opposition - has noticed the first vitse - the speaker and has cited as an example three presidential bills which on Friday have been accepted in definitive third reading. On one of these laws the political party which has typed on elections to Duma from 5 to 7 percent of votes, can receive the representation in parliament. The second legislative initiative - about equal access to mass-media, has specified Frosts. The third bill establishes the right of a representative body of municipal union under certain conditions to release from the power head of an executive office. It, according to Morozova, - the tool when the chosen people can refuse under certain conditions trust to that person who has executive power in the hands and for any reasons insufficiently effectively realises it. all these legislative initiatives go in the spirit of democratisation of our political life, reforming of our political system, strengthening of influence of the citizen on the power, strengthening of institutes of a civil society. At us in it doubts are not present - has summed up Frosts.


past Friday the speaker of the Federation Council Sergey Mironov has handed over awards to winners of the journalistic competitions organised by the upper chamber.

Among awarded correspondent Alexey Ilyin was awards also. It has received the award in a nomination For the contribution to popularisation of ideas of parliamentarism .