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Experiment with double payments on an electricity in Moscow has caused scandal

it would Seem, on stories with double receipts “ for light “ the fat cross is put. As already wrote, experiment in two capital districts - with inclusion in a uniform pay-sheet of the column “ a payment for the electric power “ - has poured out in the big municipal squabble.

Since new year two companies - the supplier - old “ Moscow power sale “ and new “ Rusenergosbyt “ - cannot divide consumers, more precisely, their means. As a result inhabitants began to receive on two accounts... But (EPD) they cannot delete from a uniform pay-sheet a line “ Rusenergosbyta “ - Cαεπαΰνκ will not accept the corrected document, and “ Moscow power sale “ - as the guaranteeing supplier - in turn threatens to cut down light for non-payment. People are nonplused.

management of Federal antimonopoly service across Moscow Has interfered. There have come to a conclusion that occurrence in the market of the new marketing company does not concern a competition: it has occurred not on a competitive basis, and under instructions of the Moscow officials. On March, 12th UFAS gives out the instruction to the government of Moscow, prefectures East and Jugo - East administrative districts to suspend the decisions fixed in the report from 9. 10. 2008. But also, “ to take measures to an exception from EPD columns “ an electricity “ to the contract conclusion between two competitors.

Already and the mayor of capital Yury Luzhkov has officially declared: we come back to former system of payment of the electric power, in the market there is one company. However, has not specified - what. Inhabitants have understood so that remains “ Moscow power sale “. It has appeared that is not present. The head of department toplivno - a power economy of Moscow Evgenie Sklyars has told on a press - conferences: “ Rusenergosbyt “ It is fixed as the unique supplier of energy for East and Jugo - East districts, and “ Moscow power sale “ works in other city territory. And the conflict has inflamed on - new. Business has reached courts.

the Initiative group of inhabitants of Jugo - East district has addressed in the Moscow society of protection of the rights of consumers which left in Lefortovsky district court with the claim about protection of interests of an uncertain circle of persons. While there was a preliminary judicial hearing, in a corridor inhabitants and the second suffered district - East crowded. Have brought a folder with signatures - only 822 surnames of those who demands to return to a former order of payment of the electric power.

Actually, than to consumers it is convenient “ Moscow power sale “? It is possible what to pay under the separate receipts, which tenants and fill under indications of the counters. And “ Rusenergosbyt “ in pay-sheets exposes the prices from a ceiling - average indicators. Certainly, to some Muscovites without a difference whom and how to pay - on the counter, on averages... But at pensioners each copeck on the account. And to finance the unknown company they do not wish. And, if earlier people were indignant basically with that them force to pay not on the counter, therefore and kept for “ Moscow power sale “ now they oppose the imposed company, to be exact - against methods, with which them “ force to the market “.

In financial settlements centres (GUIS) - huge turns. “ when began to come home on two accounts, I have defended five hours per turns in GUIS in the Tashkent street, 21, - tells Alevtina Darina, the inhabitant of the same street. - has submitted the paid receipt in “ Moscow power sale “. To me speak: write the application that you have wrongly paid. But I am not erroneous, I accept this company more. Has written the application that to me did not include the account for the electric power in EPD. As it was found out, my statement have simply thrown out, and the column remained, and current consumption is overestimated approximately on 100 watt. As the Savings Bank does not accept the corrected or crossed out receipts, every time it is necessary to go in GUIS, that this line “ have nulled “. Last time in turn on talonchiku in GUIS was 593 - j “.

to Tatyana Repinoj in GUIS “ Perovo “ (in New Gireevsky street, 28) too have laid down a condition: “ we will null “ the receipt if will write the application for voluntary transition in “ Rusenergosbyt “.

And the woman - sotsrabotniku, 9 old women sponsoring in-home that to all of them zachli payment, it was necessary to cause in this GUIS militia. To grandmothers not on forces every month to go in DEZ and to inform them indications of counters. It is impossible to phone there. And if the person of the deaf person? Sotsrabotniku speak: it is possible to send counter indications on the Internet. But whence it at grandmothers? Only in the presence of the militiaman in the beat also have excluded to old women a line from a pay-sheet. “ but the next month, - speaks sotsrabotnik, - all will repeat “.

But to exempts it is necessary to pay service as in this case they lose lawful discounts. From - for it one woman had to pay each service separately - for 9 receipts. According to senior on the house, any more zachli privileges for the maintenance and house repair along the street a Reditch, to 55 three participants of war: to Voloshin, Evgrafovu, Suprunenko... The Same - to the address: Rervinsky parkway, 3 where three invalids live in apartment 78. And now, as tell women in the court, many old men gather for summer residences so them GUISy notify by phone: “ If you do not pay “ Rusenergosbytu “ lose privileges “.

Here so, against the will, inhabitants become clients of this company. In GUISah declared: more to anybody EPD we will not alter.

It is asked, than she has deserved such strong protection, what consumers break through a knee? In a society of protection of the rights of consumers have found the information on a site: “ Rusenergosbyt “ - the offshore company, is registered in Cyprus... About it at a meeting with the prefect of East district Nikolay Evtihievym inhabitants have taken an interest: what for one more company on an electric power commodity market is necessary? He speaks: “ It is necessary to destroy a monopolist “. But it simply intermediary. The prices at it the same that at “ Moscow power sale “ established by the regional power commission, also do not depend on the supplier - what it is the competitor? “ Perhaps they elektrony wash? “ - inhabitants make jokes. Though here not to jokes.

While “ Rusenergosbyt “ challenges decision UFAS, inhabitants bear statements in courts.

Following session of Lefortovsky court will take place on May, 14th, on it representatives 13 GUISov Jugo - East district should be.