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In days Eurovisions hotels will rise in the price on 20 - 30 percent

Initiated by Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) check upon rise in prices in capital hotels for the period Eurovisions it has appeared only the declaration on intentions.

And it means that hotelery all - taki will have time to earn on fans who will gather in Moscow already in couple of weeks.

In a press there were messages that residing cost in hotels of Moscow of a class 3 - 4 stars for the period of carrying out of song competition it will be raised on the average on 20 - 30 percent. With this account the price for numbers during the period from May, 10 till May, 16th in hotel of level 4 stars should make from 8 to 16 thousand roubles that on 2 - 4 thousand above, than in usual days. This circumstance has interested FAS. Actually capital hotelery have got off with only easy fright. In antimonopoly service have informed that till now en face nobody addressed with the official complaint to actions of administrations of hotels, and business is not raised. Actually, if now also there was such initiative citizen hardly it would be possible to bring down the prices for hotels directly to to the Eurovision . The matter is that procedure of check FAS is strongly stretched in time.

Only on complaint consideration month leaves. Plus from three about six months can last directly legal investigation. Certainly, guilty never late to punish, as the sum of the penalty for antimonopoly law infringement is rather essential - from 1 to 15 percent of an annual turnover of the company. You look, and it will not want to ask for trouble next time. On the other hand, hotels far change not for the first time the price lists for mass actions. For example, last summer during the Petersburg economic forum at once 15 hotels have risen in the price on 80 - 100 percent. Then Sankt - the Petersburg management FAS has decided not to fine hotel, and to declare it reprimand.

Before the history repeated during celebrating 300 - letija St.-Petersburg, and also during carrying out of a match of UEFA. By the way, in the end of May economists and bankers once again should gather in Northern capital from every corner of the globe. And already now it is impossible to find number more cheaply 5 - 7 thousand roubles for day of residing.

Certainly, such sharp rise in prices very strongly costs a pretty penny. But after all it is possible to look at a problem on the other hand. an Eurovision will pass, and the prices will return to a former channel. It is necessary to notice that from the beginning of this year from - for outflow of clients the tendency to their decrease - on the average on 10 - 20 percent is observed. A trouble that in the same Moscow catastrophically there are no inexpensive hotels. For example, according to committee on tourism of Moscow, in a city of 247 hotels the general capacity more than 80 thousand places. Thus investors prefer to be put in building of hotels of a class 5 stars as a last resort - 4 stars which will pay off faster at the expense of high cost of numbers, rather than long-playing trehzvezdniki. It is natural that few inexpensive hotels are today actually monopolists in the market. That is can establish as much as high prices because at neighbours at whom on a facade 5 asterisks are beaten out, will be all the same more expensive.

By the way

On Friday the assistant to the mayor of Moscow Valery Vinogradov has made the statement to Interfax in which it is said that all requirements on the price policy which have been stipulated with competition organising committee " are fulfilled;. The official has informed that under organising committee demands 13 hotels will be involved in service of participants and visitors of competition. 738 numbers for official delegations and 83 numbers for journalists are at present reserved. As to fans, that, according to Vinogradova, they can address in the accredited company Intourist and to receive places in hotels at the prices co-ordinated with the European broadcasting union.