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The State Council of France recognised responsibility for the Holocaust

the State council of France recognised fault of the French state for deportation of Jews during the Second World War.

In the decision of the higher arbitration body it is said that this responsibility is obvious, as the state without direct compulsion from the occupational authorities has allowed or promoted deportation from France of the persons who have become by victims of Antisemitic prosecutions .

As it is specified in the document, it is a question about arrest, internment, the conclusion in transit camps which were the first stage of sending of people in concentration camp where the majority of them has been doomed to death . It is known that during the period with 1942 for 1944 about 76 thousand the Jews living in France, have been deported by a pronazi mode of Vichy. Only two and a half to thousand from them managed to survive.

For the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that about an unattractive role of a management of France of that time and the states as a whole here it was told repeatedly and at different levels. It is enough to remember the statement of former president Jacque Chirac in 1995 when that publicly named the French support of crimes of invaders a stain on country stories, an insult to our past and traditions .

the Present decision of the State Council, undoubtedly, carries symbolical, and as many consider, and historical character: this time all points over i are placed. Moreover, the decision text will be printed in ZHurnal offisel in which laws and other important official documents of the French Republic are published.

It is necessary to tell that the State Council verdict was born with an ulterior motive. During enough long time for its consideration there was Madeleine Hoffman`s claim - Gleman - daughters of prisoner Osventsima arrested in days of occupation by the French police and the victim from hands of nazis. She demanded from the higher arbitration instance of a recognition of its right to corresponding indemnifications. Though the petition it has not been refused, in the State Council decision it is underlined that the French state, how much it was possible and in sizes comparable with other European countries has already indemnified the caused loss to victims of the Holocaust and continues it to do.

By the way, it the known public figure, the president of association ", in particular, recognises; Sons and daughters of the deported Jews of France Serzh Klarsfeld. Having given an appreciation to the State Council decision, he considers that indemnifications received in France by victims of nazism, quite satisfactory . Besides address grants, as he said, the commission on compensation of a damage to relatives of victims only last year has spent 500 million euro, and the Fund of memory of victims of the Holocaust has received from the French state of grants on 393 million euro.

Most likely, after the State Council decision all subsequent claims for additional indemnifications from those or other persons connected by vital bonds with Jews - victims of a genocide, begin to be considered in a usual judicial order. And not the fact that will be met with favour. In 2007 it has already occurred to the claim of the deputy of EuroParliament Alain Lipietsa which insisted on a recognition of responsibility of the national railway company as participants of deportation of Jews in death camp . The claim have wrapped in the State Council, and then and in appeal court of Bordeaux.