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Ron Hovard, Frost against Nixon : the Best film and the Best work of the director

the Actor`s filmography at this person hardly probable no more director`s, and he even on production, frachno - brjuchnyh photos for decent magazines looks with any intoxicated smile. However, that else can be expected from average years of the director, 32 years ago acted in to a film the First nudist musical ?

However, the list of director`s works is less, yes it is better - at least, more prestigiously; steels some of its pictures znamenitee their author. reason games Apollo 13 and also a screen version da Vinci Code Dan Brown saw everything, but the name of the director was remembered hardly. In the come year there is one more braunovskaja a screen version made Hovardom - Angela and demons . In general, before us, apparently, the successful manufacturer of the Hollywood masscult happy in the ignorance about existence of the European festival, arthouse cinema, and also American independent a cinema.

And here this person undertook for not the dashing plot most, apparently, - the well-known interview of former president Richard Nixon which in due time has collected at TV screens of 45 million of the American televiewers. The colloquial cinema - genre exercise which to execute not so - that is simple. And the same Ron Hovard, which else uvylechenno fed us recently with Dan Brown`s fables, with any enchanting ease removes simply - taki fascinating cinema, with the volume character, not dull action and in addition quite obvious, but the political statement not reduced to banalities. So if if not to a film to its author the figurine as it seems to us, is guaranteed.