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Rospotrebnadzor begins anti-recessionary consultation of Russians

Detailed consultation how to open the business, in the near future it will be already possible to receive in Rospotrebnadzore.

Department prepares for opening free telephone a hot line for Russians and a special page on the Internet. About it has told on a press - conferences head Rospotrebnadzora Gennady Onishchenko.

It has explained that speech, in particular, goes about consultations for those who has lost work and wants to be engaged in small-scale business. we assume to make a short educational program: that is necessary, for example, to open a snackbar or a booth - the official has told. Having called on a hot line it will be possible to learn in detail what are for this purpose necessary documents what mechanisms for reception of the permissions exist, what sanitary rules will be necessary for observing.

Reshenie Rospotrebnadzora marches in step with labour market requirements. As it is known, the state budget allocates this year to regions about 44 billion roubles for anti-recessionary programs of employment, including on opening of own business. Placement services guarantee the help in business registration, training to its elements and granting of the initial capital at a rate of the annual unemployment benefit - to 60 thousand roubles.

For today 11 agreements between Rostrudom and regions on realisation of these programs are signed already. In them assistance in self-employment approximately to 10 thousand persons is provided. On turn - other subjects of Federation so as experts mark, within a year the country can grow kind one hundred thousand individual businessmen and small private concerns.

As head Rostruda Yury Gertsy earlier marked, financial support which plans to render the state to beginning businessmen, is quite sufficient to open own business on village or in a small city, for example, in sphere of small trade or socially - consumer services.

this opinion and the Minister of Economics of Krasnoyarsk region Alexey Ivanov Confirms. He has told that such service as the help to the unemployed in registration of own business, is especially claimed on village. Siberia is rich with natural resources, they traditionally feed people, and we believe that basically the craft of the future businessmen will be connected with it, national crafts - he speaks. It is a question of hunting and furs processing, fishing, gathering dikorosov, mushrooms, berries and their preparation that is most extended. As such production is very claimed by townspeople. So councils Rospotrebnadzora in the organisation of this work superfluous will not be and will allow to avoid any excesses.