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Military men have handed over awards to known writers, actors and artists

Yesterday in the Cultural centre of Armed forces celebrated known writers, actors, artists, heads of mass-media who many long years actively work with army audience.

Such meetings traditionally pass on the eve of Day of the defender of Fatherland. Military men hand over to art workers and arts diplomas and gifts, thank them for creativity and the valid relation to army. Yesterday this pleasant mission have incurred the chief of the Joint Staff Nikolay Makarov and stats - the secretary of the Ministry of Defence Nikolay Pankov. In the list awarded there were entirely celebrities - Joseph Kobzon and Oleg Gazmanov, Nikolay Rastorguev and Ilya Reznik, Tamara Gverdtsiteli and Vasily Nesterenko, many other actors. Memorable diplomas and heraldic symbols of the Russian army were received also by heads of two leading TV channels of the country: VGTRK - Oleg Dobrodeyev and the First - Konstantin Ernest.

the Main reactor the Literary newspaper writer Yury Poljakov has shared impression of such meetings with the correspondent:

- Any sign on attention from army to me is, of course, pleasant. After all I though and in a stock, but the military man, ordinary. My literary life always has been connected with an army theme, even the master`s thesis has devoted to front poetry. By the way, as the poet I at all-union level has sounded for the first time with verses on army - in 1978, soon after returning from military service, them have published in magazine the Youth . The story Hundred days to the order too has been cast by soldier`s memoirs. In general everything that I have written on a military theme, pursued the unique aim - to make our army better. In 90 - h when the All-Russia pogrom of Armed forces has begun, I in every way supported military men. So for me it not a casual theme, and one of the main things in creativity. I worry not only about destiny of the heroes, but also for destinies of thousand officers to which soon should leave epaulets. As the vice-president of Social council at the Minister of Defence I try to make this process not too painful.