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The American has lost the 80 - the centimetric nails which have got to Knigu Ginnesa

the Inhabitant of American state Utah has lost in road accident of the 80 - centimetric nails thanks to which it has got to the Guinness Book of Records. Whether

Redmond from the city of Solt - Lejk - City   last time cut nails on hands in 1979. The woman has explained that has ceased to do manicure from - for banal shortages of time. As a result nails otrosli so, Whether that at have appeared all bases to apply for a record. In 2008 the total length of its nails has made 840 centimetres, and the longest nail - on a thumb of the right hand has reached 88 centimetres.

the Sheriff of district Solt - Lejk Don Hatson has informed that failure, Whether in which Redmond has lost the main property, has occurred on Tuesday, on February, 10th. In road accident the woman not only has broken nails, but also has got serious traumas. In hospital it has been delivered in a grave condition. Physicians have not specified character of damages, however have informed that they do not pose hazard to life.

Becoming the owner of the longest in the world of nails, Whether has acted in film in several television shows, in particular, in the televersion the Guinness Books of Records . The woman has told that such long nails at all do not prevent to be engaged to it in domesticities - as before, it erases, prepares and looks after the husband.

However, Whether by a recognition, such ornaments on her hands cause at surrounding ambiguous reaction: one admire, others are surprised, and some even are frightened.

to keep nails healthy and beautiful, the woman had even to go on a special diet.

RIA Novosti news agency